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Signs You Need Professional Mold Remediation In Your Home

Are you dealing with unsightly molds in your home? When it comes to mold, the culprits are always excess water and moisture. They can enter your home without notice and settle in hidden places throughout your house. Do you have inexplicable stains on your walls and ceilings? You likely need mold removal services in DC. We at AA Action Waterproofing deliver top-notch services to end all your mold problems. Our team of highly-trained professionals will clear all the mold from your property, leaving you with a thoroughly cleaned and healthy living space. Our experts will provide you with an honest assessment of the situation. They have extensive experience in this field, so they can offer you the most customized solutions based on your unique mold situation. They also will thoroughly break down their process so you know exactly how they are going to fix the problem.

We at AA Action Waterproofing understand that mold problems can happen to anyone without warning. As a homeowner, it is crucial for you to identify mold before it damages the integral structure of your home. To help you recognize mold growth, we have outlined a few signs below:

Look for a stain

Molds are good at hiding. They can often appear as a stain. Often, after the spores leave a surface, they leave behind a stained spot or discoloration. Take a good look at any stains that have appeared in your home.

Room with a musty smell

When there is the presence of mold, there will be a noticeable musty smell. If you smell a mold-like scent, it is as a indication that you have an infestation. Contact Mold Removal Services in DC and nearby areas. If you wait too long, it can negatively affect your health.

Feeling exhausted? It may be due to mold

In the humid weather, it’s common to feel fatigued. But what if there is no explanation as to why you are feeling tired? You may be living with toxic mold. Spores are known to cause chronic fatigue and weakness.

Suffering from skin rashes

Yes, these molds can even cause skin rashes. Many people are allergic to mold. Mold can cause inflammation, swelling, and irritation of the skin.

So where does mold tend to grow? The first thing to understand is that mold requires moisture to grow. That is why we do everything we can to seal our walls, corners, and cracks in the foundation. We recommend you to search every corner of your home including the “not-so-obvious” places. We have listed below a few places for you to focus your hunt:

  • Behind tiles
  • Wallpaper
  • Paneling
  • Air ducts
  • Crawl spaces

Always remember that early mold detection can save your money, your time and your health. We at AA Action Waterproofing can help you with our best-in-class Mold Removal Services in DC. If you suspect mold in your home, don’t waste any more time and contact us today. We promise to end your mold problem once and for all. Count on us for the expertise and industry knowledge you expect.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on January, 31, 2019