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Mold Remediation Severna Park Services

Severna Park Mold Remediation Services

Mold is a constant here in Severna Park. Rain, storm, and melting snow all make our houses vulnerable.

Not only mold is bad for your health, it also has financial implications. Mold brings down property value! This is the penalty residents of Severna Park, MD pay for not hiring a professional mold remediation service.

Another problem in Severna Park is the way homes are built. Energy-efficient homes restrict air movement and welcome mold into your house; homes with basements and crawl spaces are also vulnerable to mold. All of this can lead to higher rates of mold at home.

Mold Warning Signs

If heavy rain or melting snow causes flooding or water is forcing into your basement due to high humidity or your basement has ground water or water is running into the basement through foundation walls – you need a mold remediation service urgently. Contact us now!

We do everything that is related to solving your mold problem. From mold abatement, decontamination to mildew clean-up.

Get a Free Mold Checkup Now!

When you have a basement leakage problem, you need to hire a thorough and trusted professional. We are here to help you out! We can fix your foundation problem, wet basement or wet crawlspace.

Aaction Waterproofing has been in business for 27 years. Trust and customer relationships are essential to our work – that is why we don’t charge a single penny for problem diagnosis. So, how does it work?

.Simply fill up our online form or call us at 410-789-2600 for a free inspection.

We understand that customers need to feel comfortable before we get started with mold remediation and that is why we will give you a thorough explanation of how we will go about ending your mold problem.Ask as many questions as you feel like, our customer representative will be more than happy to answer them.

Why Mold Is Bad For Your Health?

Mold may cause a runny nose, nasal or sinus congestion, it can cause respiratory problems which may lead to chest tightness and difficulty in breathing. Mold may also result in eye irritation, watery and itchy eyes; throat problems; coughing and sneezing.

If you have infants in your house, mold can cause havoc to their health.It has been proven that fungal mold known as Penicillium may cause asthma in children less than one year old.

Why Do You Need Mold Remediation Severna Park?

If there is limited mold in your premises, you can remove it by using some simple tips. However, if you have lots of mold in your house, then you need to hire a thorough professional with specialized equipment to do the job – this is known as mold remediation.

Removing mold is no easy task. First, we need to locate source of the mold. Once it has been located, we protect ourselves with special gloves, goggles and rubber to begin the process of removal.We do it in a way that it doesn’t come back again.

We seal off contaminated areas to prevent any moles from escaping. If they escape, they will infect other areas of your home or office. Remember, whatever comes in contact with the mole, ends up being contaminated.

Once we have finished, we put all contaminated items in sealable plastic bags and dispose them off to prevent re-contamination.

We use specialized machinery like Wet Vacuums and HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) along with disinfectants when removing moles from your place.Things made up of porous material have to be discarded due to fear of contamination.

How much time mold remediation takes depends upon the amount of mold present in your premises. It can take a few hours or a few days.

Tips To Stop Mold

Here are a few tips which you can use to prevent mold:

-Quickly fix any leakages. Remember, mold begins to grow on wet surfaces between 24 to 48 hours.

-If there are ceiling tiles or carpets which have become moldy – throw them away immediately.
-Never paint moldy surfaces.

-Don’t run the heating, air-conditioning or ventilation system if you feel they have been contaminated by mold.

-When you hire a contractor to clean mold, make sure you hire a professional.

-To control moisture, keep gutters clean and repair them frequently.

-Ground needs to slope away from the building foundation.

-Try keeping humidity between 30 and 50 percent. It is all about controlling moisture!

-If your windows, pipes or walls have condensation moisture, dry the wet surface immediately.

-Washrooms usually remain damp all the time. Increase ventilation to keep them mold free.

-Insulate cold surfaces such as water pipes.

Remember, you are not alone in the mold problem. Everyone in Severna Park has similar issues. If mold is contaminating your house, call AA Action Waterproofing before it is too late. Fill out our online form or call us at 410-789-2600.