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How To Repair Leaky Basement Windows

One of the most common places to find a basement leak is around the window. Window frames wear from age and can warp under the pressure of the house settling. Basement window leaks can start as a nuisance but can lead to some major problems. Leaks can cause severe damage to the structural integrity of your basement walls and create health problems like mold and mildew. So it is important that if your basement window is leaking, you have the problem fixed right away.

Replace The Window

The first option when faced with a leaky basement window, is to replace the window. If the window is old and the frame is broken, you may have no other option than to just replace the window. If you have to replace the window, you should also have the area around the new window waterproofed so that the issue does not happen again. So you want to pick a window with a solid frame made with vinyl or aluminum or even consider installing a larger window or an egress window.

Seal The Area Around The Window

If the window is structurally sound, you may need to have the area around the window waterproofed. There are probably cracks or holes that have developed from the foundation shifting and settling. A certified waterproofer can help you seal the window so there are no more leaks.

Check Your Landscaping

Even if you replace the window or seal the area, the problem may actually be a result of your exterior landscaping. If your basement window is leaking, you want to make sure that the area near the window is sloped away from the wall. If the land is sloped toward the wall, the water will flow toward your house and eventually find a way into your basement.

Check Your Window Well

If the window is surrounded by a window well, you need to make sure that the window well drainage system is functioning properly. Often times, debris and dirt can clog the drainage system leading to a build up of water in the window well. Insufficient drainage can lead to pressure against your window, causing a leak. So make sure your window well is clean and the drain system works properly.

Call A Professional

The best thing you can do if your basement window is leaking is call a professional. You can try to diagnose the problem yourself, but if you don’t find the real source of the window leak, you may end up with some costly repairs. Instead, call the experts at AA Action Waterproofing. Our certified professionals can inspect the window, diagnose the source of the leak, and implement a strategy to make sure your window never leaks again. So if your basement window is leaking, call us today for a free consultation!

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on September, 08, 2016