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The Process Of Sump Pump Installation

The Process Of Sump Pump InstallationAt AA Action Waterproofing, sump pump installation is just one of the many steps that we may take to waterproof your home and ensure moisture remains outside where it belongs. For many homeowners, the sump pump installation process is a mystery, and we feel that understanding just what goes into sump pump installation can help you to understand just how this process can help your home to remain safe and dry.

The steps for a typical sump pump installation process are:

  1. Digging the floor – If it’s determined that a sump pump is the best waterproofing option for you, our first step will be to dig the sump in a location somewhat near the basement wall. Usually using an electric jackhammer or a hammer drill, the concrete floor will be removed in the area of the sump to allow the pump to be installed.
  2. Digging the sump hole – After the concrete floor has been broken, a sump hole will then be dug within the area. This hole will go the entire length of the sump liner and extend a further 12 inches into the ground underneath.
  3. Seating the liner – In order to keep the liner in place, it will have to be seated, and for this we will often use a type of gravel to keep seat the liner within the hole. Once the liner is seated, it will be sealed around the edges with a concrete to keep the moisture from coming in through the cracks.
  4. Pump installation – After the liner is prepared and seated, a pump will then be installed within the sump hole to allow moisture to be pumped out and whisked away.

Sump pumps help to keep moisture from entering the floor of a basement area, as this is a highly common place that moisture seems to find its way in. Sump pumps can help a great deal when it comes to leaks due to heavy rains or snow melts, and this is a method we commonly use at AA Action Waterproofing in our waterproofing jobs. Should you experience a power outage, like in an instance of a hurricane or particularly bad storm, we can also install backup systems to allow your sump pump to continue working even if your power remains lost.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on November, 07, 2014