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Overlooked Causes Of Wet Basements

Digging Up House Foundation - BasementThere’s no question that wet basements can create a serious problem for homeowners. By creating mold issues and increasing the risk of structural rot, the simple fact is that a flooded or even a slightly damp basement can create numerous problems.

And while leaking basement walls are very common causes for wet basements and while you should always take the time to waterproof them in order to protect your home, it’s also important to remember that in some instances other sources may be to blame for the moisture.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we’ve seen some surprising reasons that a basement has flooded. Here are a few examples of problems you might be overlooking:

  • Leaking Pipes – If you have plumbing running anywhere in the basement, you may need to check pipes. A single loose connection or leaking pipe is all it takes to create a significant buildup of moisture in the basement.
  • Exterior Slope – The property around your home needs to be graded correctly, too. If it isn’t, there is a chance that it’s actually funneling rainwater right towards the basement walls, making it much more difficult to keep them dry.
  • Poor Drainage – Sometimes waterproofing alone isn’t going to be enough. Adding in thing like French drains surrounding the foundation will help eliminate excessive moisture before it ever touches the home. Poor drainage may be a major issue worth looking at.

It’s still incredibly important that you take the time to waterproof your home’s basement. The weather in and around Maryland is notoriously wet, and during the wintertime the heavy snowfall we receive can bring even more challenges to your basement walls. But it’s also important to check into other issues to ensure that your home is protected completely.

We can help. Contact our team today to set up an appointment and let us take a look at what may be causing your wet basement. The sooner we can stop the issue, the better.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage, Water Damage on February, 23, 2016