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These Mold Myths And Facts Show Just Why You Need Remediation After A Basement Flood

These Mold Myths And Facts Show Just Why You Need Remediation After A Basement FloodMost homeowners and business owners don’t know as much about mold as they ideally might. Unfortunately, the danger of mold can go unnoticed if you’ve fallen prey to a serious mold myth!

Let’s look at some of the most common myths about mold and get the facts. Ask yourself if you’ve ever heard any of these myths and what they might mean to you as a local homeowner.


Myth: “Only some homes are susceptible to a mold infestation.”

While there are some factors that make a home more likely to be host to a serious mold situation, all homes in our service area could face mold in the event of a basement flood — in fact, even a seemingly minor leak can be the cause of a long-term problem.

Myth: “Mold isn’t dangerous if it’s confined to a room no one uses.”

The majority of mold problems will begin in either the basement or the bathroom. Even if you don’t use your basement often, however, you should still look into mold remediation. It won’t take long for a spreading mold infestation to get into your air conditioner, heater, or ducts.


Myth: “Most forms of mold aren’t very dangerous to humans.”

When you think of dangerous mold, you probably think of black mold. Black mold can actually be fatal within a very short time under certain circumstances. However, mold is a fungus, and all forms of mold are somewhat dangerous. They can contribute to serious respiratory harm.


Myth: “Mold isn’t a big deal if you don’t have other risk factors.”

Mold is a progressive issue that gets worse over time, so even full-grown adults with healthy immune systems are likely to eventually experience headaches, coughing, sore throats, and greater chance of infection. Children, the elderly, and pets are always at significant risk.


Myth: “Mold is too expensive and time-consuming to get rid of.”

Taking action on a mold problem early is always a good idea. However, well-equipped and knowledgeable professionals can help you get rid of mold even when the case is very advanced. Investing in mold remediation can help you save money on future respiratory healthcare.

To find out more about mold and how we can easily get it out of your home, call AA Action Waterproofing. With our online form, you can get a free estimate at no obligation to you.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on January, 13, 2015