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Mold Remediation Middle River

Mold Remediation Middle River
As a suburb of Baltimore that sits along Chesapeake Bay, Middle River happens to be a particularly beautiful part of Maryland. On top of that, while Middle River may be centered around Martin State Airport, Martin isn’t nearly as big or as noisy as the international hub, BWI, to the south. Maryland’s Fleet Week even features a Blue Angels air show at Martin every year.

Still, not everything is roses when it comes to living in walking distance from Chesapeake Bay. Life along the shore means living with a constant humidity, a humidity which persists even when winter brings colder temperatures. If that humidity gets into your basement or crawlspace, it can lead to a mold explosion. If so, it’s time to call in AA Action Waterproofing, the experts in mold remediation for Middle River, the Baltimore area, and beyond.

Why Worry About Mold?

Mold is everywhere. Whether you’re inside, outside, at the top of a skyscraper, or in a secret government laboratory hidden deep underground, you’re probably breathing in a few mold spores right now. Fortunately, mold doesn’t grow in lungs, and you have to breathe in a whole lot of a few specific kinds of spores to get any sort of allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, you can experience this allergic reaction if you aren’t careful about keeping things clean and if you let too much moisture get trapped inside your home. A black mold infestation can lead to symptoms like a runny nose, sneezing, dizziness and nausea, headaches, and a generalized feeling of tiredness.

While black mold is unlikely to be life-threatening unless a person is very young, very old, or very sick, it can still make you feel miserable whenever you’re at home. And if someone who lives at your Middle River home, then you definitely need to call for the Middle River mold remediation experts at AA Action Waterproofing.

What Happens Next

When you call for a mold remediation in Middle River or anywhere else in or near the state of Maryland, you can expect someone to come by and inspect your crawlspace, basement, and other places where mold is likely to grow unchecked. The professional inspection is an important step to take since a mold problem may be bigger than it looks, with most of the mold infiltrating deep within carpets, insulation, and other areas that are hard to spot. Fortunately, this initial inspection is free with AA Action Waterproofing.

If your mold problem isn’t serious, fixing it may be as easy as scrubbing the affected surface with soap and water (or whichever cleaning solution is most appropriate), and then fixing a leaky pipe or buying a dehumidifier. If the problem is more serious, however, the inspector will give you a written estimate for how much the mold remediation will likely cost.

The Remediation Process

If you choose to go with us for your mold remediation in Middle River, what happens next is a simple four-step process:

1. Find and deal with any leaks or humidity problems. Along with leaky pipes, other ways for water to infiltrate a basement or crawlspace include a cracked foundation, clogged drainpipes, and even poor landscaping.
2. Isolate the contaminated area. Cleaning up a mold infestation can release a lot of spores, potentially spreading the problem to other parts of the house, so all doors, vents, and windows into the affected area are closed off airtight ahead of time.
3. Clean the area. Some contaminated items, such as clothing and carpets, may need to be removed and replaced entirely, but others, such as concrete walls and wooden boards, should be safe to stay in place once they’ve been thoroughly decontaminated.
4. Repairs. Mold needs nutrients as well as water, and while some varieties can survive on nothing more than the organic debris in dust, other varieties can eat away at the wood or fibers they’re living on. If a mold infestation is bad enough that it’s eating away at more than just the surface of a substrate, our last step is to repair any part of the building we have to cut away.

If you need mold remediation in Middle River, you should call on the experts of AA Action Waterproofing. While no one can ever get rid of mold completely, we can certainly reduce the spore count and let you breathe easy.