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Mold Remediation Lutherville

Located north of Baltimore County along York Road, the town of Lutherville lies in a humid subtropical climate zone; allowing for the growth of mold around homes in the area. The growth of mold can present an unappealing look in your home, as well as health hazards to you and your family. Therefore, it would be wise to seek mold remediation in Lutherville if you haven’t done so already. Our team at AA Action Waterproofing has been serving the Maryland region for over thirty years now, and we are confident in our ability to carry out the job safely and effectively. Let us explain what we will do to eradicate mold growth in your household.

How Mold Inhabits An Area

Before explaining mold remediation in Lutherville, let us explain mold growth to you. Mold is part of the fungi kingdom. The vast majority of fungi feed on dead or decaying organic matter, making them one of the principal agents responsible for the recycling of dead plant and animal life. Common household molds can be identified by their “musty” or “earthy” smell.

Mold spores are what contributes to mold growth in your home. They are everywhere you go. Because of this, there is no reasonable means of eliminating them from environments that humans inhabit. Instead, the way to prevent mold growth from starting and spreading is by eliminating the three requirements it needs to thrive: temperature, moisture, and food. That’s the goal of mold remediation in Lutherville.

Unfortunately, most mold likes to grow at the same temperatures humans prefer. That’s not all! Anybody who has cleaned out a refrigerator has also noticed that mold growth can occur at even colder temperatures. The same can be said about warmer temperatures. Therefore, it isn’t feasible to control mold growth in our home through temperature control.

The AA Action Waterproofing Mold Remediation Service

As mentioned above, there are three things that mold needs in order to grow: nutrients, moisture, and time. Removing one of the three requirements will reduce and eliminate new mold growth. Our team at AA Action Waterproofing takes this information into account when approaching mold remediation in Lutherville. Because of this, we have developed a clean-up process that will safely and effectively remove the mold from your home.

The first step is repairing the water problem. Eliminating the source of moisture is key in order to stop the continued growth of mold. The next step is isolating the contaminated area. Making sure that the contaminated is completely sealed off from the rest of your home is absolutely critical in stopping the growth of mold in your home. This will require us sealing any doors or vents around the contaminated area. Then, we will remove, clean, and dry the mold infested area. All moldy items are safely eliminated and personal possessions are thoroughly dried. Lastly, we will repair or replace any decayed materials. That’s how AA Action Waterproofing approaches mold remediation in Lutherville.

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If you notice any type of mold growth in your home, treat it with caution and make sure to schedule a time for its removal. The purpose of remediation is to clean contaminated materials and areas so that the mold can’t spread to other areas of the home. As mentioned before, the state of Maryland has a climate that is high in humidity and extremely warm during the summer months. Mold that has been killed and treated may re-appear if moisture is able to enter your home once more. Luckily, a mold remediation contractor will identify the problems with moisture, and will know exactly how to combat these problems in your Lutherville building or home.