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Mold Remediation Laurel

Thanks to the way it sits almost exactly between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., the city of Laurel was a commuter town before it was cool. Back when the fastest way to travel between both major cities was a steam train, Laurel was a major stop with industries of its own to attract workers, and this population gave it the money for infrastructure that was rare to find outside a major city at the time.

This history means that it’s possible to find houses and other residences in Laurel dating back to the 1920s and beyond. Unfortunately, it also means that it’s possible to find houses suffering from decades of poor care and neglect. If you’re looking to buy an old home in the area, then among other repairs you may need to look for a mold remediation in Laurel or one of its neighboring communities. Fortunately, AA Action Waterproofing is here to help.

The Trouble With Mold

If you’ve ever seen food go bad and become covered in furry spots that are either dark or light in color, then you know what mold looks like. If you unwisely took a bite anyway, then you also know what it tastes like.

Mold Remediation Laurel

Mold grows on more than just food, however. It can also grow on cloth, wood, and even concrete. It loves to grow in damp, dark, and warm spaces, which is why you often see it growing in bathrooms. But most people clean their bathrooms regularly, so it usually doesn’t become a major problems. On the other hand, if a basement or a crawlspace should happen to be damp, dark, and warm, mold will often grow and thrive for years where few people even think to look.

There are a few ways to tell if your home has a mold problem. First, mold has a characteristic musty, ugly odor that’s hard to forget once you’ve smelled it. Second, you can perform a visual check of all the nooks and crannies of your basement or crawlspace with a flashlight, although you probably won’t be able to see every spot where mold can grow.

Third, some species of mold produce mycotoxins that cause allergic reactions in humans. These symptoms resemble a bad cold or a bad allergic reaction, and they go away when you leave your house. If this happens, then you definitely need to seek mold remediation in Laurel or wherever your home happens to be.

The Trouble With Moisture

Moisture and water leaks are always at the root of the problem when it comes to mold, and that’s why when AA Action Waterproofing performs a mold remediation in Laurel or elsewhere, we always address the water problem first.

For instance, many people have a seasonal problem with mold, and it’s usually tied to their ventilation system. If mold grows faster in summer, your home is probably too sealed off from the outside. This prevents humid air from flowing through and lets it build up in your basement or crawlspace, leading to condensation. If mold grows more in winter, then your home may be too drafty. When the warm, wet inside air hits the cold exterior air, the moisture condenses and you get the same problem.

If the humidity isn’t to blame, there are several other ways water can get inside your home. They include leaky pipes, high water tables, floods, ruptured septic tanks, clogged rain gutters, and even bad landscaping.

The Solution You Need

If you’re in need of mold remediation in Laurel, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to manage the job on your own. If the mold problem is in an obvious place and you know how to stop the water that’s letting it grow, you probably won’t need professional help. However, if the mold is mostly growing where you can’t reach it, or if it’s started to work its way into the wood or concrete instead of staying on the surface, you need the help of a professional.

AA Action Waterproofing has been improving basement waterproofing measures, repairing concrete walls and foundations, encapsulating crawlspaces, and more for right around 30 years now. Our first estimate is always free, so when you go with us you’ll always know how we can help and about how much it will cost you. So if you need a professional mold remediation in Laurel or anywhere else in or around the state of Maryland, contact us today.