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Mold Remediation Kingsville

Mold Remediation Kingsville - Local Mold ProfessionalsSummer is almost here, and that means the people of Kingsville, Maryland are preparing themselves for the hot, humid summers that Maryland has to offer. For some, this is a blessing, but for others, it can quickly turn into a curse.

Because Kingsville, Maryland has a humid climate provided by an average of 47 inches of rainfall per year, it is the perfect breeding ground for mold. If you notice mold in your home, it may be time to schedule with AA Action Waterproofing for their top notch mold remediation Kingsville service.
Mold remediation, essentially, is the process of restoring the natural balance of the mold spores in the air and removing excess mold so it cannot develop further. When it comes to this process, you can’t find a better company than AA Action Waterproofing. Now, you may be wondering: Why do they specialize in mold remediation and not mold removal? Well…

Mold Remediation Vs. Mold Removal

I’m sure you’ve heard lots of companies promise that they can completely remove any and all signs of mold from your home. Though I’m sure they try, and because they mold is gone when they leave it seems like this is true, but it’s not. Mold spores are a natural part of household and workplace dust, and not all of them are dangerous. A mold remediation service aims to remove excess mold and restore the normal levels of mold in the atmosphere, and remove its moisture source so it can’t develop again.

What Is Mold, Anyway?

Mold is a type of fungus that grows from mold spores found in the air. These mold spores are invisible to the human eye and in many cases are not harmful. However, when presented with an ideal environment – humid, moist, warm places – these spores can develop into what we know as mold or mildew, and then they definitely begin to present a threat. Not only can mold compromise your home, it can also compromise the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

Normally occurring mold, in large quantities, can cause health issues such as difficulty breathing, nausea, weakness, and other flu-like symptoms such as itchy, watery, or red eyes, persistent coughing, and a runny or stuffy nose. There is another type of mold that presents a larger threat, however. Certain types of mold produce mycotoxins, making them toxic (these are known as “toxic mold”), and have been known to cause severe health issues and even death if exposure is excessive.

There are a few different ways to recognize an issue in need of mold remediation in Kingsville. Seeing it is, of course, one way to identify a mold problem, but sight isn’t always enough. In some instances, mold can hide within the walls or even behind the wallpaper in a home, so knowing other ways to keep an eye out for it is essential to fixing a mold problem before it gets too bad.

Mold Signs

We already talked about seeing mold being an indicator, and the first way to recognize a potential mold problem involves the use of another one of your five senses: Smell. Mold has a very distinct musty, almost sweet smell to it, so noticing this smell lingering anywhere in your household is a good sign to call your local experts at AA Action Waterproofing for their services in mold remediation in Kingsville to protect your Maryland home.

The second involves physical signs and symptoms of mold exposure; after all, we did mention that in large quantities mold can affect your health, so be sure to look out for these signs this summer:
• Nasal congestion or runny nose;
• Excessive sneezing;
• Irritated, itchy, or watery eyes;
• Persistent coughing;
• Wheezing or difficulty breathing, especially in those with asthma

If you’re someone who tends to get colds during the summer and aren’t sure how to determine if these symptoms are just your yearly illness or mold exposure, pay close attention; if you notice the symptoms in anyone else within the household or notice that the symptoms lessen when you’re not inside, this is a sure indicator that mold exists in the home.

What Do I Do? Hire Mold Remediation Kingsville Pros

If you think you have a mold problem, the best thing you can do to protect your home is to schedule mold remediation in Kingsville. Your first instinct will probably be to save the money and go with a “do it yourself” mold removal technique, but this is not always as effective as it seems; even mold which has been removed or dried out can easily reoccur when the right conditions resurface, so why not remove the possibility all together? Don’t try to do it on your own; call the experts at AA Action Waterproofing today.