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Mold Remediation Sykesville

Mold Remediation Sykesville, MD – What You Need To Know

Sykesville has its own quiet, longstanding history within the state of Maryland. It’s not a big town, but it’s a good place to live, and has played its part throughout the development of America as a nation. People took sides during the civil war, just the same as they took sides during the prohibition. And even though the town got its start largely as the result of investment from a Baltimore business man, it continued to come into its own until finally being recognized in 1904 as its own place, owned by no one but the residents themselves. It’s also learned some harsh lessons that, even today, experts in mold remediation in Sykesville are keen to keep relevant.

When Sykesville was hit by a major flood in 1868, this was at a time before construction and health disciplines were as well understood as they are today. The town was barely a town thanks to the extensive water damage, but one thing that would have been a severe problem for 19th century life was mold. Sykesville didn’t have mold remediation experts back then, they didn’t understand the specific strains of mold, and they didn’t know about mycotoxins or fungal pneumonia. Today, all that preventive knowledge is at the disposal of any Sykesville resident willing to talk to a mold remediation expert like AA Action Waterproofing. All you have to do is ask.

How Mold Works

Mold is not something we give a lot of thought to in everyday life. Usually when people talk about it, they refer to bread and the mold that appears there it’s been neglected for too long. But how does that happen? It’s not magic, the mold didn’t just appear, so how does bread go from being perfectly edible to having a strange discoloration that can make you sick if you eat it?

The truth is, the mold is always there, just like dust, in the air. Mold is a microscopic organism, a behaving a bit like both plant and animal, but sitting in a separate kingdom, that of fungus. On its own, a single piece of mold can’t be seen by the human eye, but like coral, it gathers together in large colonies, and it’s the groups that are visible. Mold reproduces by sending out spores into the air, almost like tiny, incredibly durable, lighter than air eggs that float along air currents, looking for the right conditions to settle down, “hatch,” and begin a colony, feeding, growing and sending more spores into the air. Mold requires heat, moisture and some kind of food source, though all of these vary in level depending on the type of mold. The mold that appears on bread doesn’t require as much moisture as the mold that may appear in a basement or attic, and some of the most dangerous mold—like black mold—requires the kind of constant moisture that usually comes from flooding.

Why Mold Is A Health Risk

While the mold itself isn’t dangerous if you touch it, the real hazard from mold comes from breathing in the spores. As a mold colony grows, it sends more and more spores into the air. Eventually, the spores are numerous enough that you can smell them, such as that musty odor that many people are familiar with from basements or attics that don’t benefit from any kind of air conditioning.

Most mold can become dangerous when it starts sending out spores in high volume. Children and the elderly are the most susceptible at early stages, although those with allergy sensitivities may also notice allergy symptoms on the rise even though the typical allergy season is over. If there is anyone with asthma in the residence, the spores can magnify the intensity and incidence of asthmatic reactions. For most however, things may initially start as itching, headaches, difficulty in breathing, and other minor assorted symptoms before ramping up in seriousness if the mold is allowed to proliferate. Left untreated, illness can become as serious as lung infection and fungal pneumonia.

Call In The Experts

In Sykesville, there are mold remediation experts like AA Action Waterproofing that specialize in the evaluation and elimination of mold infestations. Once mold hits a certain stage or infests certain portions of the residence such as within the drywall itself, it requires a lot of experience and specialized equipment to properly decontaminate a home. AA Action Waterproofing has everything you need to get rid of spores in your home, and we’ve been helping people throughout Maryland for years. If you’d like to know more about how can remediation of mold in your Sykesville home, don’t hesitate to bring us in for a consultation, we’re here to help.