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Mold Remediation In Montgomery County

Mold Remediation In Montgomery County, Maryland


Mold can grow practically anywhere and on nearly any material, from wood to paper to drywall. Mold growth usually results from excess moisture in your home. This may be caused by high humidity or rainwater intrusion. If the source of the moisture is not quickly identified and eliminated, mold growth results, quickly becoming a serious problem for your home and even your family’s health.

The humid summers, frequent rainfall, and fluctuating winter temperatures in Montgomery County make the area an ideal breeding ground for mold. AA Action waterproofing offers mold remediation throughout Montgomery County. The mold abatement professionals at AA Action Waterproofing are licensed, insured, and bonded, with a long record of successful mold abatement, decontamination and mildew clean up that has earned the company a Better Business Bureau A+ rating.

The Process Of Mold Remediation

Whether it is visible or hidden, mold is very difficult to remove. Once it begins to grow in an area, mold can quickly take over. Mold spores travel fast, and even simple activities like pulling up carpeting or scraping off old wallpaper or paint can lead to a massive release of mold spores, which will then travel fast and spread throughout the home.

This is why it is so important to keep mold spores safely contained during clean up. The importance of containment makes mold remediation a job for a licensed professional. Mold remediation in Montgomery County involves the removal, cleaning, sanitizing, or demolition of mold-contaminated materials. In addition, preventive measures are required to ensure that mold does not become a recurrent problem in your home. Even dormant mold can continue to trigger allergy symptoms cause damage to your possessions. The objective of mold remediation is to restore the proper balance to your home, thereby preventing future mold outbreaks.

The Importance Of Mold Containment

One of the goals of mold remediation is to contain the mold to those areas that have already been affected. The mold abatement professionals at AA Action Waterproofing focus first on containment, cleaning up mold-contaminated materials in such a manner that the mold spores do not spread to other parts of your home. Once contained, AA Action Waterproofing works to safely and effectively restore mold levels in your home to normal, natural levels.

Mold clean-up is a process with several steps. Step one is elimination. It is crucial to eliminate the moisture source that is responsible for the mold outbreak. This means eliminating existing water problems and also identifying hidden sources of mold. Mold can grow practically anywhere, from the underside of carpet padding to the back of drywall or paneling.

Once source of the mold has been identified and eliminated, it is necessary to isolate any contaminated areas. This keeps mold spores from spreading to other areas within your home. Isolation can include sealing off doors and vents. The isolated areas, along with any mold-contaminated possessions, are thoroughly cleaned and dried. Once clean-up is complete, any molded materials are replaced or repaired.

Montgomery County’s Climate And Mold

Rainwater leaks, especially undetected leaks, are a leading cause of mold problems. Montgomery County’s often rainy, humid weather can lead to excessive indoor moisture as well as leaks, both of which can result in mold growth problems.

When moist or humid outdoor invades your home, this results in condensation on interior surfaces and even inside building cavities. Montgomery County’s high relative humidity levels and sometimes rainy weather create an environment that is attractive to mold. AA Action Waterproofing, a provider of expert mold remediation in Montgomery County, can help keep your home free of mold in any season.

Mold Can Damage Your Health

Indoor mold exposure can cause a variety of damaging health effects. The benefits of mold remediation thus encompass your health as well as your home. Indoor mold growth is linked to a variety of health problems, including ongoing allergy symptoms like sneezing, congestion, coughing, runny nose, and itchy eyes or skin.

These symptoms result from relatively harmless types of mold. However, the dangers from toxic mold exposure are far more serious, and sometimes even life threatening. If you or a member of your family experience dizziness, nausea, weakness, sleeplessness, headaches, or flu-like symptoms this could point to the presence of toxic mold in your home. These dangerous toxic molds can be eliminated through mold remediation in Montgomery County.

Don’t risk your family’s health or your property investment to a mold outbreak or the potentially catastrophic effects of unchecked mold growth. To protect your health, your family, and your home, contact the mold abatement professionals at AA Action Waterproofing today for a Risk-Free Inspection and Free Estimate for mold remediation Montgomery County.