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Mold Remediation Laurel

Mold Remediation Laurel – Guide in Maryland

Laurel is both a comfortable and incredibly convenient place to live in Maryland. Its position between Baltimore and Washington DC make it a prime location for people looking for accessibility without the crowding of either of those two cities. It also enjoys the mild climate of Maryland, meaning the winters are normally forgiving, and the summers are perfect for outdoor activity. Laurel has also played a role in different sorts of American history. Its race track is an important part of the American sporting landscape, and Laurel itself has been the site of important historical events during the civil rights movement and other periods of recent history. The city has also seen its fair share of harsh weather, with the worst hurricane in Maryland history hitting the city, as well as tornado a few decades later.

Neither of these major weather events kept Laurel down, and the city has recovered and become stronger than ever, but it does bring to the light an important consideration. The constant humidity of Maryland’s near tropical summers and the excessive flood damage caused by hurricane Agnes in 1972 have shown Laurel residents that mold remediation is an ongoing concern.

What Is Mold?

Mold and its remediation is something Laurel residents have been addressing for decades. Mold itself is neither plant nor animal, but a distinct organism that acts a little like both. It’s a bit like coral in that a single mold organism can’t even be seen by the naked eye, and it’s only when mold gathers in large colonies that it becomes visible. Mold reproduces by sending lighter than air, extremely tough spores into the atmosphere, so in a sense, it’s like oxygen or dust. You can’t see spore molds, but they’re usually there, floating in the air waiting for the right conditions. Those conditions are usually warm, humid environments, which is why the extensive flooding damage of the hurricane Agnes in 1972 was a prime period of Laurel history for mold to take hold. With flooding everywhere and no time to quickly address the damage, mold remediation had to tackle many Laurel homes to restore these areas to a safe, livable condition, because the chief danger that mold brings is a threat to health.

The degree to which mold can affect health is dependent on a number of factors, from the degree of infestation to the age of residents in the building to the type of mold. The symptoms also vary, with some minor discomfort similar to allergies, all the way to spores actually infecting the lungs and causing pneumonia. Some mold is even poisonous, producing what are called mycotoxins and constantly releasing them into the air, which, over the long term, can be extremely hazardous to residents living, eating and sleeping in such areas.

What To Do

This is where an expert on mold remediation Laurel like AA Action Waterproofing comes in. We’ve had years of experience in state of Maryland, helping people to deal with mold in their homes. If you think you might have a mold problem, a quick consultation with us will allow us to assess the environment and verify the presence of mold in the area. If we confirm that your suspicions are correct and you have mold in your home, we will identify the mold and track down where it is concentrated. Locating the source of a mold colony can be very easy if it’s taken over a hot, humid, neglected attic, or it can be extremely difficult if the mold has set into drywall itself and may not yet be visible without the help of special detection methods and thorough investigation.

Once we’ve tracked down the source of the infestation, we will clean out the air in the house, which is the first, most important step for the entire household, then kill eliminate the mold itself, and, if necessary, apply a special whitewash to the mold site to prevent spores from settling down and creating new colonies. Once that’s done, we will go over whatever steps may be necessary to eliminate causes within the home that allowed the mold to enter in the first place. This might be as simple as installing a dehumidifier in the attic, or might require waterproofing the basement to prevent more significant water damage. Whatever the case, if you have a problem with mold in your home, you should call a Laurel mold remediation team to get their experience and expertise working for you and the health and safety of your home.