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Mold Remediation In Glenarden, Maryland

Lush maple trees, sturdy pines, blossoming sassafras-and mold? While Maryland has its beauties, it also has its fair share of humidity, particularly in the summer months when temperatures can reach the upper 80s and 90s. Combined with a leaky roof, flooding, or broken indoor plumbing, an environment conducive to the growth of mold may occur.

You may simply say, I can clean it myself–unfortunately, that is not recommended, as cleaning it yourself may cause you to inhale mold spores, which can make you quite sick. Also, proper treatment requires a systematic process to ensure that the mold is completely removed and the source is contained.

AAAction Waterproofing has 27 years of experience in waterproofing and mold remediation. Longtime residents of historical Glenarden, Maryland, we understand our area’s unique geography and weather patterns, which can contribute to mold issues. We at AAAction Waterproofing are family owned and operated, and we offer a lifetime guaranty on our work. We take pride in not hiring subcontractors, and perform honest, reliable, and lasting waterproofing and mold remediation.

Mold Is Unsightly and Unhealthy

Mold is the growth of a fungus that may be blue, black, or green in color. It thrives in moist environments; without water, mold is not able to reproduce. Mold also “eats” and decomposes organic material, such as walls, floors, and basements. Temperatures at which mold can appear and replicate range from 40 degree Fahrenheit to over 100 degrees-all well within Maryland’s weather model.

Aside from turning your (exterior or interior) walls, floors, and other organic surfaces a ghastly green, black, or blue, mold poses a serious health risk. The following can be telling symptoms of mold exposure:

* Congestion
* Eye irritation (itchiness, redness, watery eyes)
* Respiratory issues and chest tightness
* Coughing/Throat irritation
* Skin irritation, such as rashes
* Headaches
* Sneezing

Further, if the mold growing in your house or business is toxic (mycotoxins), that mold can cause serious neurological issues and even death. Symptoms of mycotoxin exposure can include:

* Dizziness
* Nausea
* Weakness
* Sleeplessness
* Headaches
* Flu-like symptoms

Thus, it is extremely important to perform a meticulous mold removal using a trustworthy mold remediation company like AAAction Waterproofing.

Mold Remediation Glenarden, Maryland

Mold remediation is the process by which mold is removed and/or cleaned up from an indoor environment. While many homeowners may be tempted to tackle the mold removal themselves, the unique and guaranteed process by AAAction Waterproofing ensures the mold is absolutely gone and the source of moisture is contained.

Step One: Mold Abatement
Mold abatement, or the stopping of the mold from growing, requires pinpointing and fixing the source of the moisture. For instance, a leaky pipe behind the bathroom wall may be the cause of a bathroom mold infestation. Repairing the pipe requires appropriate tools and training. Once the pipe is restored, then the next step can occur.

Mold abatement may not be a quick process; sometimes, the site of the moisture is readily discernible. At other times, locating the source of the leak may take several attempts. That is why hiring the professionals at AAAction Waterproofing ensures that the mold is properly abated and the moisture issue resolved. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our work, as well.

Step Two: Decontamination
Mold decontamination is an intense and professional process, as it calls for isolation of the contaminated area, proper protective equipment, and removal of the mold and mold-infested areas. As with any mold clean-up, exposure to the mold spores is a serious health concern; thus, wearing and using proper equipment is essential. We will isolate the area infected with mold so that spores cannot travel to other parts of the indoor area; then, utilizing only the safest equipment, we will begin to remove the mold.

We at AAAction Waterproofing will ensure that your contaminated area is comprehensively treated and cleaned.

Step Three: Cleaning Up
A thorough cleaning after mold decontamination ensures that all traces of the mold are gone and that the formerly-infested area is able to be occupied once again. Cleaning the mold with a detergent solution and then rinsing the area with clean water is an important step in this process.

Once fully cleaned, the formerly-infested area needs to be dried, often with the use of industrial fans. Fully drying the area ensures that there is no leftover moisture for future mold to infest. AAAction Plumbing provides all of the technology and equipment necessary to systematically dry out any moisture and have your walls, floors, or doors sparkling.
Still not sure about hiring professionals? AAAction Waterproofing will provide you with a free estimate, often in the same day. The cost of hiring professionals certainly outweighs the potential of having the mold infestation linger or even grow. Investing in AAAction Waterproofing is a secure investment in the safety of your indoor environment and your health.