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Mold Remediation In Frederick

Local Mold Remediation In Frederick, Maryland

Frederick has seen its share of history, especially during the Civil War years, but today it is known primarily for an economy based on science, education and research. It’s also an important crossroads between Washington DC and the rest of Maryland, making it both geographically and economically important. While Frederick might not have the size of other cities like Baltimore and Annapolis, it makes up for it with its accessibility and quality of education. But it’s still vulnerable to the same problem as many other towns and cities in Maryland, a problem that may require the help of a Frederick mold remediation team.

The Mold Problem

Mold is health hazard that every Frederick resident faces thanks to Maryland’s warm, humid summers. Like anything else, it doesn’t pose much of a risk in small numbers, but given enough moisture and warmth, spores floating through the air can settle down in a home, and begin a colony. Once that happens, the mold will start reproducing by sending even more spores into the air. At that point, mold becomes a health risk that only gets worse as the colony size grows. Mold can cause allergy reactions, worsen asthma conditions, and, in the worst cases, release mycotoxins into the air or even cause a specific kind of fungal pneumonia.

If you can find mold in your home in the early stages, such as with bread mold or mold on bathroom tiling, the best thing to do is eliminate the problem before the mold colony grows to such a size that the spores become hazardous. If the problem has already grown into a significant problem, a Frederick mold remediation team should be your next move, letting their knowledge and expertise work for your health and safety.

Where Mold Grows

Mold looks for warm, humid, generally out of the way spaces to colonize. Mold doesn’t require sunlight the way plants do, just a suitable surface on which it feeds. The requirements for humid spaces, surfaces, and temperature vary with individual strains of mold. Some mold requires a lot of regular moisture, which is why it appears in bathrooms on tile, where showers regularly cover the air in steam. Other mold is better with drier air, but needs an organic surface, which is the mold that appears on bread when the bread is exposed to the air long enough.

But then there are other molds that sit somewhere in between, and can colonize very hard to reach places that homeowners may not visit very often. If you don’t go into your basement or attic very often, and these places don’t benefit from air conditioning the way the rest of the home does, the humidity of the summer months can be very attractive to mold. This is particularly true for basements and crawl spaces, where the lower temperature of their subterranean placement encourages moisture in the air to condense back into water, leaving these spaces more moist than others in the house. This is why basements and attics usually have that distinctive, musty smell. That smell is the spores of mold in the space, permeating the air. If severe, this kind of proliferation may require a Frederick mold remediation team.

What To Do

If you catch the mold in early stages, especially on easier surfaces like bread or bathroom tile, it’s a simple matter of either throwing away the bread, or, in the case of bathroom tile, using retail cleaning products to kill and scrub the mold off, as it can’t penetrate deeply into the tile and is stuck on the surface. The same can true of basement walls, if you check them diligently, especially during the summer months.

If the space in the home is one that isn’t checked too frequently, or the mold has infested a more difficult surface, such as within a damp carpet, or inside drywall that has been exposed to too much summer humidity or water damage, then you may have to simply get rid of the carpet in question, or tear down the section of drywall with mold and put up new walls.

However, for the prevention of mold simply taking hold again, you should consult your mold remediation Frederick experts. Simply getting rid of mold is not enough, you must look at the conditions that allowed the mold infest in the first place, and address them to prevent a repeat of the situation. This may require installing a dehumidifier unit, or some simple or extensive home waterproofing, but a mold remediation team like AA Action Waterproofing can tell you exactly how the mold got there, and take the preventive steps to keep it from happening again. Contact us for a consultation.