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Mold Remediation Gaithersburg

As the 4th largest city in Maryland, Gaithersburg is made up of a whole lot of households. Just under 60,000 residents reside in just about 22,000 different homes in the city of Gaithersburg, and when combined with Maryland’s perfect conditions for mold, this can translate to a big need for Gaithersburg mold remediation. Mold can creep into the home through any contact with physical water or simply due to warm moist air, and it can be pretty difficult to tell when mold has creeped into your home until its growth has begun to spiral out of control.

How Can I Tell If I Have Mold?

Mold remediation in Gaithersburg starts with detecting the presence of mold, so how can you find out if mold has been thriving in your space? In some instances, you will be able to see it growing on the walls, but this isn’t often the case. Mold likes damp, dark, and warm areas, so little nooks and crannies or crawlspaces are often mold’s home base, and these are places you’re not like to look at often. In other instances, you may see mold on your property or belongings, and this will often be a big clue that mold spores have really begun to spread.

Most commonly, however, the biggest sign pointing you to mold is one you’re missing, and that is that telltale musty odor. Mold has a certain smell that most just associate with basements, closets, crawlspaces, or attics, but what it’s actually doing is pointing you to a problem you can fix with mold remediation Gaithersburg. When you smell that musty smell, having professionals come out to assess the mold in your home is always recommended, as you may be able to get your problem under control early before any property is really damaged.

Mold Testing

When we find mold in your home, mold testing is a really important part of our mold remediation Gaithersburg process. What many homeowners don’t know is that mold has thousands of different varieties, and not all of them can be remedied in the same way, so testing can let us know what the best way to get rid of the mold may be.

Mold testing can also let you know if you’re dealing with a potentially dangerous type of mold, like toxic black mold, and our professionals can guard accordingly from releasing more of the mold spores in the air or coming into contact with them themselves.

No matter your type of mold, testing and remediation should be a job that is undertaken by the professionals. Mold can be extraordinarily difficult to fight, and it can be dangerous to your health, but the pros in Gaithersburg mold remediation know just what to do with your mold while minimizing the spreading of spores.

After Mold Remediation in Gaithersburg

Now that your mold is gone, what do you do now? It’s important to remember that mold can come back at any point if you don’t fix the problem that caused the mold growth to begin with. If it was caused by water present due to a leak, that leak should be fixed. If the mold growth was spurred on after a flood, future flooding should be prevented with waterproofing. If the mold began to grow due to the warm moisture in the air, the room in question should be equipped with a dehumidifier. By not fixing what initially caused the mold growth in the first place, you’re leaving yourself in a position for the same mold, or a different variety of mold, to come sneaking back in.

Mold requires warmth, moisture, and a food source to grow, and while the warmth and food source may not be things you can do too much about, moisture is always something you can work to avoid!

Mold Remediation Saves Your Property

Mold remediation is the only way that you can save your property after mold has made its way into your home. Mold growth can very quickly go from a small speck on the wall, to taking over your belongings in any room, and mold can be quite destructive as it settles itself in your home. With mold remediation for your Gaithersburg home, you can feel confident that your property is protected, and your home will become a happier, healthier, and cleaner place!