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Mold Remediation Frostburg

Mold Remediation Frostburg
Frostburg, a town in west Maryland, was named well. While east Maryland is generally hot and humid thanks to the low elevation and the presence of Chesapeake Bay, west Maryland extends into the Appalachian Mountains, which are known for thick, green forests, gorgeous views, mild summers, and cool winters.

Of course, the Appalachian forests grow thick thanks to the humid summers and a consistent amount of precipitation that falls on the mountains throughout the year. Rainstorms are common in Frostburg, as is a heavy spring melt, and because of this water and moisture are constant problems for houses and buildings in the area.

What Water Can Do

Water is one of the great erosive powers of planet Earth. Chemists call it the universal solvent because more chemicals can dissolve in water than in any other liquid. Water can carve deep river beds and valleys, it can rub the corners off of stones, and it can crack the basement walls and foundation slabs of buildings which don’t have proper drainage systems.

Water is also a source of life. No life can exist without water, at least not on our planet, and so if water or excess moisture manages to sneak into a basement or crawlspace, it allows any number of invasive organisms to grow and thrive. The most harmful pests are probably carpenter ants and termites, which eat away at the wooden beams and are very hard to completely exterminate, but even if no insect ever manages to get into your basement, you’ll still have to deal with mold.

What Mold Can Do

Mold spores are very hardy and tenacious. Microscopic spores can survive for years without any water or nutrients, and if one manages to find both it only needs a day to a week and a half to fully germinate and start spreading spores of its own.

Many species of mold can grow on untreated wood and the cardboard covers of drywall panels. Others can survive in concrete and tile grout, and they survive on organic waste like dust or the nutrients brought by water leaking in from outside.

Mold can be a danger in two ways: in the short term, some types of mold produce spores which are harmful to humans in large quantities, and they can make staying at home feel like a miserable experience. In the long term, mold can eat away at support beams and other parts of a building and make it unsafe to live in.

What We Can Do

AA Action Waterproofing provides mold remediation for Frostburg, Cumberland, and the rest of west and east Maryland. This means we can clean up mold infestations and bring the spore count back down to normal levels. It’s impossible to get rid of mold completely, but we can certainly get rid of ugly mold spots and make it easy to breathe in your own home again.

Since water is so important to mold growth, the first part of any Frostburg mold remediation project is to find out how water is getting in and put a stop to it. For instance, a busted gutter system could let rain collect too close to the building’s foundation, and if the landscaping tilts towards the building instead of away it can lead to water getting into the basement. Even humid summer air trapped in the basement can lead to mold growth.

This is also why a waterproofing company is the best choice for mold remediation in Frostburg and elsewhere. Mold will grow back so long as the water remains, so waterproofing, encapsulation, and foundation repair are absolutely essential to a Frostburg mold remediation.

If you aren’t sure that you need a professional mold remediation in Frostburg, don’t worry: our initial written estimate is always free, and it comes with no obligation to use our services or those of any other professional company. We also offer consultations for those who need our advice but not our assistance. Still, AA Action Waterproofing has been in business for around 30 years now, and in all that time we’ve never come across a basement, crawlspace, or foundation we couldn’t handle. So if you need help from the professionals, you know who you should contact.