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Mold Remediation Colesville

Like much of the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, Colesville has a long history that stretches back well over 200 years along with a lot of new houses that were built as part of the housing explosion of the 1950s and 60s. Today’s Colesville is exactly what you’d expect a suburb to be: some nice schools, a golf course, a few businesses along the main road, New Hampshire Avenue, and thousands of acres of residential neighborhoods.

Mold Remediation Colesville

Of course, by being a typical suburb of Washington, Colesville homes also suffer the usual problems that come with the humid summers and wet springs of eastern Maryland. One such problem is mold, which can grow out of control if a homeowner doesn’t take care of his or her residence. Basements and crawlspaces are particularly vulnerable to the spread of mold, despite getting less attention than most other parts of a house. So if your home is experiencing a mold explosion, contact AA Action Waterproofing for mold remediation in Colesville, other Washington suburbs like Bethesda and Rockville, or beyond.

An Unending Problem

You’re already familiar with mold even if you aren’t familiar with everything it can do. Mold is a category of fungus that includes thousands of individual species, and between them all, mold can grow on any surface rough enough for its roots to grab hold. Mold is the reason why food goes bad if you leave it out for too long or don’t clean out your refrigerator often enough. On the other hand, mold is also the main flavor ingredient in bleu cheese, and a variety of bread fungus gave us penicillin, the original antibacterial medicine.

However, not all kinds of fungus are beneficial, and they don’t all stick with stuff humans would call food. Some varieties can thrive on untreated wood, the organic fibers in clothing and carpets, or the skin flakes and hair that are found in dust. Mold spores are everywhere, and there’s nothing you can really do to change that fact, so all they really need is some peace and quiet and enough moisture to start growing.

A mold outbreak isn’t always a problem, but it can be for several reasons. First of all, mold can infiltrate into wooden beams, the cardboard covers of drywall panels, and even some varieties of concrete. If mold gets this far, it can make it impossible to get rid of without removing the infected area entirely, and it can slowly weaken the materials over a long period of time. Second of all, many species are categorized as “black mold,” both for their color and for the fact that they can cause health problems in humans.

Our Remediation Solution

For mold remediation in Colesville and the rest of the Washington area, you can contact AA Action Waterproofing. The process is called “remediation” instead of “extermination” because no one can ever bring the mold spore count down to zero, but we can bring it down significantly by cleaning up active mold colonies and by waterproofing the affected areas so that mold won’t grow there in the future.

As we mentioned earlier, moisture is required for mold to grow, and that can come from outside leaks, leaky pipes, or even just humidity condensing on a cool metal surface. Waterproofing is an essential aspect of mold remediation in Colesville and everywhere else in Maryland, because without it the mold will always come back.

How We Do It

Every waterproofing problem has a way to fix it, and if you can’t manage it on your own, AA Action Waterproofing will gladly help.

Mold remediation in Colesville or anywhere else in the Washington or Baltimore metros begins with finding out exactly how water is getting in and plugging the leak. The solutions may be as simple as unclogging the gutters along the roof or adding a dehumidifier to the basement, or they may be as complex as encapsulating a crawlspace or installing a sump pump. Once that’s done, our trained experts will close off the affected area and then remove the mold that’s causing the problem.

AA Action Waterproofing can help with mold remediation in Colesville, Washington, Maryland, and even in neighboring states like New Jersey, Delaware, and Virginia. Our first inspection and estimate are free and come with no obligations, so feel free to look us up today.