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Mold Remediation Cape Saint Claire

Mold Remediation Cape Saint Claire
Cape Saint Claire, Maryland is a lovely place to live. It’s just northeast of Annapolis, across the Severn River, and it’s at the southeast edge of the Baltimore Metro Area. With a long waterfront and plenty of marinas and personal docks to go around, Cape Saint Claire is connected to the waters of Chesapeake Bay like few other communities.

The Downside Of A Coastal Town

Unfortunately, while this connection is great for getting in plenty of fishing trips and waterskiing whenever you like, the rainy springs and humid summers that come with it aren’t so friendly to houses and other buildings. Excess water can damage basements and foundations, and it can lead to infestations by insects and mold.

Because of this, it’s important to keep track of water infiltration, foundation cracks, and humidity levels in your basement or crawlspace. And if you need waterproofing or mold remediation in Cape Saint Claire or anywhere else in the state of Maryland, you should call AA Action Waterproofing.

What Mold Does

Unlike invasive insects like ants and termites, which need to find a way into your home, mold spores are already inside. No matter what room you’re in, no matter if you live along the coastline or deep in a desert, there are sure to be a few mold spores floating around. This is why the mold removal process is called “remediation:” no one can completely remove mold from a building that’s even a few months old, but a good contractor can reduce the spore count to normal levels.

There are two main reasons why you should clean excess mold when you can. The short-term reason is called black mold. These mold species contain a toxin that causes an allergic reaction in humans, and because they affect your lungs they can cause cold-like symptoms: a runny nose, excess sneezing, headaches, and if it gets particularly bad these spores can even cause dizziness and a perpetual sense of fatigue. Black mold spores aren’t life-threatening unless you’re already very sick, but nobody wants to feel sick and tired whenever they get home.

The long-term reason is mold damage. Along with water, mold needs nutrients to survive, and many mold species get them from the material they live on. This means that mold can slowly infiltrate and damage wooden beams, carpets, and other organic materials. Even things like mineral fiber ceiling tiles, drywall, and concrete can become so infested that it’s easier to replace them than clean them out.

What We Do – Mold Remediation Cape Saint Claire

AA Action Waterproofing has the experts when it comes to mold remediation in Cape Saint Claire, Maryland, and nearby states like Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Whether you’re dealing with a flooded basement, renovating an old, forgotten building, or you simply have a problem with excess humidity, we can help.

Mold remediation in Cape Saint Claire is the same as it is everywhere else: the first problem is figuring out how moisture is getting into the building and putting a stop to it. It may be as simple as Maryland’s summer humidity, or it may be a leaky pipe, an uninsulated pipe which water can condense on, a clogged drain that lets water drip too close to the foundation, or a rising water table that leaks in thanks to a cracked foundation block.

The first thing we always do is identify these sources of moisture and fix them. If we didn’t, then any mold remediation in Cape Saint Claire or elsewhere would be for nothing. Mold really is that tenacious.

Next, we quarantine the affected area and make it airtight so that spores released by the cleaning process can’t escape and infest any other part of the building. We will then clean the area, remove any objects or materials that are too infested or damaged by mold to remain, and then repair and replace whatever we can.

Cape Saint Claire is a lovely place to live, but unless you keep on top of things you could find yourself up to your nose in mold. Make sure you keep water and humidity away from your basement or crawlspace, but if you find yourself with a mold problem you should contact AA Action Waterproofing. For mold remediation in Cape Saint Claire, Baltimore, and beyond, we’re one of the best in the business.