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Mold Remediation Cambridge

Welcome to your source for mold remediation and prevention in the state of Maryland! Situated in Dorchester County and home to more than 12,000 people, Cambridge is one of the larger cities in Maryland. It’s also the home to the same kind of history and culture that many other locations in the state are famous for.

But along with that culture and history comes a location that is regularly faced with severe weather events that can directly impact the overall safety of residents and the structural integrity of their homes. One of the most serious challenges that your home can face is that of mold growth, and we’re here to help you overcome this problem if it exists and prevent it from occurring in the future.

What Causes Mold?

Cambridge’s motto may be “Living, Working, Relaxing, and Loving It”, but the reality is that when your home faces mold issues it can be hard to live up to that motto, and when this happens you’ll have to find mold remediation Cambridge. The primary cause of mold is simple – moisture. This occurs particularly in the basement, where dampness can go overlooked and where water can enter the home easily.

Water entering the basement can occur due to leaking pipes, leaking foundation walls, and more. Once it occurs, the moisture allows for the growth of mold. When left unchecked, that mold growth can spread quickly and getting mold remediation in Cambridge will be needed.

The Big Damage Mold Can Cause

Mold isn’t a minor problem. It can lead to significant health issues because the spores it releases into the air can quickly be inhaled and create things like respiratory health issues, infections, and more. This can lead to things like:

  • High medical bills
  • Being forced to stay outside the home until a Cambridge mold remediation team can take care of the issue.
  • Increased costs in repairs for your foundation walls or framing

In severe cases, mold has even caused homes to be completely condemned. As such, it’s important that you take the initiative and eliminate mold as soon as you can – or that you prevent it entirely.

Mold Remediation

So just what is mold remediation? Essentially, it’s the process of identifying and removing mold that is present in the home. However, it goes deeper than this and the first step is actually to find and alleviate the cause of the mold growth. In some instances, this could be leaking pipes or a roof leak, but in many cases the cause is a basement that allows moisture inside.

Our team begins any Cambridge mold remediation job by identifying and eliminating the source of the moisture in your home. Then, we remove the mold that is currently present and work to remedy any damaged surfaces in the home. In doing so, we’ll give you your home and your health back. Removal involves a combination of things like scraping away mold, use of cleansers to kill traces of mold, and more.

But it’s important to remember that mold removal is very different from mold remediation. Removal just means taking out the existing mold. But we go further and actually make sure that mold growth doesn’t continue.

The Importance Of Prevention

While mold remediation in Cambridge is a must when you notice mold, it’s worth mentioning that preventing the issue in the first place is a much better idea. Taking the time to waterproof a basement and to do a full inspection to ensure that no sources of mold exist will help keep your home safe and will also save you tremendously.

Mold remediation and repairing any damage that it can cause will generally be much more expensive than basic preventative measures, and as such it’s in your best interests to get started as soon as possible preventing this issue.

Still, we know that you can’t be everywhere in your home at all times. If you notice mold, be sure that you act fast to help prevent the continued growth of this dangerous fungus. Our team can help, by providing the fastest response times and the most high-quality mold remediation service in the region.

If you’re noticing a musty odor or have seen mold in your home, it’s time to act fast. Contact our team to get a mold inspection today and give your home back the kind of health that it deserves.