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Mold Remediation Brunswick

Like most cities in Maryland, Brunswick has a long history and regularly faces serious weather events. Just under 6,000 people call the city home, and its motto “Big Town, Small City” certainly fits it well. But while mold can seem like a ‘small problem’, the reality is that it’s a big issue that can impact a home in some tremendous ways.

Whether you’ve experienced basement flooding or have just noticed that your basement or crawlspace is a bit damper and mustier than it should be, there’s a good chance that having a Brunswick mold remediation specialist take a look at it is well worth doing.

We know that this can seem like an expense you don’t need to worry with, but if you’ll take a moment to understand the basics of mold and of Brunswick mold remediation you may see why it’s such an important step for any homeowner to take.

Understanding Mold

The first step to understanding why Brunswick mold remediation services are important is simply to understand mold. Here are some of the key things we think you need to understand.

• Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that exists inside and outside homes around the world.
• It commonly grows in moist, damp environments
• There are many different types of molds that exist
• Mold itself isn’t a major health issue – it’s the spores that cause the problems.

Mold Spores

Mold spores are the microscopic seeds that mold releases into the air as part of its natural lifecycle, and are the primary reason that mold remediation in Brunswick may be needed. Not all mold spores in nature are really dangerous, but as mold levels in your home build up and the number of spores in the air inside your home increase, they can create serious health issues.

Those health issues vary, but include things like allergic reactions, respiratory illnesses, and more. Some of the symptoms those with serious mold reactions experience include:
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Headaches
• Allergic symptoms like sneezing or watery eyes
• Respiratory issues

All in all, mold is something that you need to remove from your home as soon as you can – or that you should prevent outright.

Brunswick Mold Remediation Basics

When you contact our team of professionals, we take the process of Brunswick mold remediation seriously. Before mold is even removed, our first job is to find out where the moisture causing the problem is coming from and to stop it. This could include patching leaking pipes, waterproofing basements, installing drainage systems, and more.

The key is that we work to stop mold growth from continuing. Then, once we’ve pinpointed the issue and removed it, we take the next step – removing the mold. This is done using special tools, procedures, and cleaners and we also take the steps to ensure that mold growth doesn’t return. Improper steps here can actually leave behind mold, and as such it’s important that the removal of the mold eliminates everything present.

When To Call

It’s important that you keep your house healthy, and mold growth is something that needs to be dealt with quickly. That’s why contacting our team for Brunswick mold remediation is so important. Call us if:
• You aren’t sure when or if your home was waterproofed
• You smell musty odors that you can’t pinpoint the source of
• Your family begins to experience health issues
• Your home’s basement floods for any reason
• You see mold growth anywhere in the home
• You notice water or increased moisture levels anywhere – especially basements and crawlspaces

It’s important to get a head start on the issue to ensure that your Brunswick mold remediation job won’t end up being a huge repair process.

Prevention Or Elimination

We know that sometimes life can get ahead of you and that it’s not always possible to know that a mold issue exists. That’s why you need to contact our team as soon as you can when you see an issue. Alternatively, you can try to prevent even needing mold remediation in Brunswick by taking preventative steps first.

Things like waterproofing the basement of your home or encapsulating it can reduce the odds of ever developing mold growth at all, and may be worth considering as well. No matter if you have rampant mold growth or just want a mold checkup, we can help. Contact our team to set up a visit and make sure your home is mold-free.