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Mold Remediation Alexandria

You’ve found the region’s best source for fast and dependable mold remediation in Alexandria. Our team believes in making sure that your home and your family are safe and healthy, and fully protected from the dangers of mold growth.

Like most of the Maryland region, Alexandria has a history dating back to colonial days and a rich culture. Its location on the Potomac also means that residents regularly have a view of one of the country’s most famous rivers.

However, homes in the Maryland area and in Alexandria all face some unique challenges – one of which is the high level of moisture and precipitation in the weather here. Summer and spring can bring serious humidity and high levels of rainfall, and during the winter we regularly receive large snowfalls and deep freezes. That’s why so many homes may need the services of an Alexandria mold remediation expert.

What Causes Mold?

Mold is a fungus that thrives in moist areas. It’s found indoors and outside, and the common link is the wetness of the area that it grows in. As such, the primary cause of mold indoors is excessive humidity, flooded basements, leaking pipes, leaking roofs, or leaking foundation walls that allow moisture in. Any of these issues needed to be dealt with during Alexandria mold remediation in order to ensure that a problem doesn’t continue to return.

Dangers of Mold

Mold is much more than just a growth you can scrub away and be done with. One of the biggest issues with mold is that its growth often gets away from you before you even realize that it exists. And once it’s in the home, it begins to release spores into the air in an effort to spread itself.

But those spores often enter the air system of your home and end up dispersed everywhere. You may have mold in the basement, but you could be breathing in its spores on the second floor of your home. Mold itself isn’t the big risk – it’s the spores it releases. Those spores can cause a number of health issues including:
• Respiratory issues
• Infections
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Flu-like symptoms
• And more

Alexandria mold remediation can help prevent these health problems and keep your family safe.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation in Alexandria is about more than just removing existing mold from your home. Instead, our team begins by identifying the cause of the mold and taking care of that first. This may include installing drainage systems, waterproofing basement walls, or something else entirely, but the first step is always to ensure that once we remove the mold that it won’t come back.

Once we eliminate the source of the mold, we take care of the mold itself. Then we do a check to ensure that the problem is managed properly and that your home is safe. It’s a multi-stage process that we take very seriously because we value the health and wellbeing of all of our clients.

Signs That You Need Mold Remediation

We know it’s not always easy to know when mold issues exist. The problem often appears in places that you don’t usually look, and could appear and spread before you even realize that it’s there – or be in a location that is so nondescript you never even think to check it out.

There are a few different signs that you need to contact us for Alexandria mold remediation. These include:
• If your home has never had waterproofing performed on the basement
• You see visible signs of mold
• Your family begins experience health issues associated with mold growth
• You notice a musty smell – particularly in areas that may be higher in humidity

If any of these issues are present in your home, it’s the right call to contact us as soon as you can. The faster that you deal with mold growth, the easier the process will be. And even if you don’t notice mold or the signs of mold, letting our team perform preventative measures can keep you from dealing with mold and the need for mold remediation.

Your home is your castle, and we’re here to help keep it safe and protected for you and your family. Contact us to learn more and to set up a mold consultation visit from one of our trained experts today.