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Managing Surface Water Leaks

Water LeakingBasement leaks can be caused by a number of sources. The most common of these is surface water leaks. Surface water leaks come from water outside entering your home because of poor exterior drainage. Water seepage from a single location or water draining down your walls can be the sign of a surface water leak. If you notice one of these leaks there’s a few places you can check to find the source.

First, check your gutters to make sure they are not clogged with debris or overflowing. Then check your downspouts to make sure they are not clogged. Often times the debris from the gutters will get caught in the downspout. Also sometimes harsh weather conditions like rain and snow can cause downspouts to become unattached from your home. You’ll also want to check and make sure that your downspouts point away from your home. Further, make sure the water is not flowing out of the downspout toward your home because of land sloping. Finally check to make sure the downspouts are pushing water at least 10 ft away from your home.

Second, check the slope of the pavement and landscape around your house. Pavement and landscape should slope away from your house. Older pavement can often settle and flatten the ground under its weight. If your pavement is flat it could be the cause of your leak. The same goes for you landscape. The ground directly next to your house should be a smooth natural slope directing the water away from your home. There should be not flat areas or divots where water can pool and settle.

Lastly, check the integrity of the sealants on your foundation. Sometimes older sealants wear down and need a new application. You can also check the caulking and insulation around your windows and doors for any cracking or signs of wear and tear. Anywhere there are gaps in the sealants around your home, surface water can get in and cause leaking.

If you have checked your home and cannot find the source of your surface water leak, you can always call us at AA Action Waterproofing. Our experts can inspect your home and help you find the cause of the surface water leak before they become a big problem.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on March, 15, 2016