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What To Look For In A Good Sump Pump

What To Look For In A Good Sump PumpSump pumps are devices that will remove water from around your home and manage exterior water runoff. It’s a handy way to prevent water from ever getting too close to your foundation or even leaking into your basement, causing permanent structural damage. They’re especially useful for places that experience lots of rain or for homes that are built in low-lying areas. Here are some practical tips so that you can get the best sump pump for your home:

Don’t Just Consider The Cost

It might be tempting to simply go with the cheapest option you can find, but would you rather have to replace your sump pump regularly because it’s poor quality or invest in a good one that will last? Obviously, go with the latter. This certainly doesn’t mean that the most expensive option will be the best, but focus on other elements of the sump pump and not the price tag.

Know The Pumping Volume

A sump pump will pump a certain number of gallons per minute or per hour—so, GPM or GPH. You don’t need the highest number possible necessarily, since it truly depends on your home, its location, and the specific rainfall in your area of Maryland.

Examine The Materials

It’s worth the money to buy a sump pump with a cast iron case, not a plastic one. There is a device in a sump pump that spins rapidly as it’s pumping water, and this obviously can heat up quite a lot. Even a material like thermoplastic can be subject to these temperatures and warp, permanently damaging the pump. You want corrosion-free materials that will last.


Just like AA Action Waterproofing offers a warranty on our services, make sure the sump pump you buy has a warranty as well. All good products and services will proudly be backed by their respective companies. A longer warranty does not mean a better sump pump; in fact, you need about three years even though high quality sump pumps will almost certainly last at least eight. A good sump pump will really only be faulty if some kind of error happened during installation, and this is something you would find out about within the first year or two of use.

The Float Switch

The mechanism that senses the water level to turn the pump on or off is vital, and a sump pump with a poor mechanism is not going to be useful at all! Avoid hollow plastic floats that can split, take on water, and then lose the ability to float. Also stay away from tethered floats that can get caught on something and not communicate the proper water level to the pump. Instead, go for something with a mechanical switch and solid floats that move up and down vertically.

If you’re considering your options to keep your basement dry, see the services we provide at AA Action Waterproofing. Call us today at 888-922-5517 for a free basement waterproofing quote!

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on June, 16, 2016