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Keep The Heavy Rain Out With Basement Waterproofing

In Maryland, rain isn’t a rare sight to see or hear. The light pitter patter of rain against the window and a sight chill in the air. However, rain isn’t always just a light sprinkle or a quick shower. Sometimes when it rains, it pours.

When heavy rain arrives, homeowners find themselves nervous about leaks in the roof, flooding in the backyard, and even water in the basement.

In most cases, you have a right to be concerned. One of the most common and potentially destructive problems faced by homeowners is water in the basement. Not only will this water seepage damage the floorings and furnishings within your basement, but it can harm any personal belongings you have stored there and even create a perfect environment to grow mold.

Water Management Techniques To Remember

While there is nothing you can do to prevent heavy rainfall from occurring, there are a few techniques that can help keep rain far from your basement.

1. Clean the rain gutters

One of the most basic ways you can prevent a wet basement is to regularly clean out your rain gutters. The gutters are there to help keep manage rainfall by allowing the rainfall to flow through them and into an area far from your home. Neglecting to do so will cause an overflow of water that will end up seeping into your basement.

2. Replacing improper downspouts

Clean gutters won’t do much if the downspout is leading the water straight back to your home’s foundation. Check to see if the end of your downspout is leading where it should. If it isn’t, then you should get it replaced immediately. Extending your downspout can be another great way to improve the effectiveness of your water management system.

3. Get your basement professionally waterproofed

Nothing will keep your basement safe from rain as effectively as a professional waterproofing from the experts themselves. Here at AAAction Waterproofing, we have been keeping Maryland basements moisture-free for over 20 years. Contact us today for a free consultation!

This entry was posted in Water Damage on September, 29, 2016