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Signs That You Have A Mold Problem At Home

Is Mold Already A Problem In Your Home?Maryland weather can be wet, and AA Action Waterproofing prides itself on protecting homes against that wet climate. Monthly rainfall totals can easily hit 3 to 4 inches – especially during the spring – and that’s a considerable amount of water heading towards any home. Basement waterproofing is intended to keep that moisture out and avoid letting your basement become damp, musky, and mildewed – conditions that can start a mold problem at home.

Mold growth in particular is of major concern, and when it begins it can create numerous problems. Mold growth leads to:

  • Reduced air quality
  • Respiratory issues
  • Other health problems
  • High mold remediation costs
  • Lower property values

The health issues of mold are even more dangerous when old, young, or sick people live in the home. In some cases, a mold problem at home has actually led to families having to move out completely, either on a temporary basis or – in extreme cases – permanently. As such, it’s important to take steps to prevent mold growth before it ever occurs.

Prevention helps you avoid a tremendous amount of hassle and expense, but what if mold is already growing in the home? It’s not always as easy to know this as you might think, and you’ll want to look closer to make a determination. Here are some things that can help you identify whether or not mold is an issue.

  • Has your family begun to experience breathing difficulties or symptoms resembling allergies?
  • Does the air in your home feel or smell ‘old’, musty, dirty, or otherwise strange?
  • Do you actually see the mold? Mold generally grows in damp, cool areas. Head into the basement and do a solid examination. Mold growth will resemble black spray paint that’s barely been applied – tiny black dots in a cluster.

A big issue is that mold is often hidden from view, especially when it’s in the basement. It could be behind furniture or storage shelves or even behind drywall. If you’re unsure of whether or not mold is present but you know that something is changing the air quality in your home, it might be time to turn to the professionals to learn about mold growth, your options for removing it, and how to prevent it from occurring.

And if you haven’t experienced mold growth yet, it’s good to make sure you don’t. Basic basement waterproofing can help keep your home safe from mold growth, and is a must if you’re a Maryland homeowner.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on April, 22, 2015