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Just How Quickly Does Mold Grow And Spread In A Flooded Basement?

Just How Quickly Does Mold Grow And Spread In A Flooded Basement?When your basement floods, just how quickly does mold spread through the space?

In a certain sense, this is a trick question. Why? Because mold is already there.

Mold isn’t something that’s attracted to your space by standing water. Rather, it’s already in the air all throughout the most isolated and dark areas of your home, waiting to take action at the right time.

Standing water serves as the trigger that allows mold, which is a type of fungus, to explode into action after being dormant for weeks, months, or even years. And the risk is always there, since people just can’t help but track mold in and out.

Mold Could Be At Work In Your Basement Right Now

If you’ve been experiencing odd and unusual respiratory symptoms lately, then there is certainly a chance that you could be dealing with mold already.

Although we deal most frequently with mold issues that begin after a basement completely floods, this level of flooding is not a requirement of mold infestation.

Even a small amount of standing water from a pipe leak or foundation leak can provide the moisture necessary for mold to begin to grow. As the leak progresses, the mold can grow faster and take up more of the unseen spaces in your home.

Call On AA Action Waterproofing To Clear Your Basement Of Mold Fast

The truth is that mold is one of the fastest growing organisms around. It can be extremely dangerous not only to healthy adults, but also to children, pets, and the elderly.

Although there are many signs that mold is active within a home, it can go unnoticed and become a very serious problem before you even take steps to resolve it.

If you’ve had a flooding incident in a basement, then you may be dealing with millions upon millions of mold spores which, even if they are not visible right now, could be taking refuge within the affected walls or even within the building’s HVAC system.

Any time you get a flood situation repaired, you should also ensure that you are getting the highest quality of mild remediation. To be sure, work with AA Action Waterproofing.

We have resolved thousands of serious mold cases all throughout Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, the nation’s capital, and the surrounding area.

Reach out to our professionals today to learn how we can help you.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on January, 23, 2015