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Understanding The Way That The Freeze Impacts Basement Flooding

Understanding The Way That The Freeze Impacts Basement FloodingThose who live in Maryland are already well aware of just how wet the state can get – monthly rainfall of 4 inches is the average during most of the year. That precipitation can obviously find its way into your home if you’re not careful – particularly in our basement or crawlspace. But here at AA Action Waterproofing, we have found that many people don’t realize just how much the colder Maryland months can impact basement flooding. It’s something you need to pay attention to.

There are several different things related to the winter months that can have an impact on your basement’s integrity when standing up to leaks. Here’s a look at the biggest ones:

  • Freeze Damage To Foundations – Depending on where you live, temperatures regularly drop to 10 degrees or lower throughout the winter. That freezing temperature can impact your foundation in a big way. The freeze can cause the moisture in the foundation walls to expand, which can lead to cracks. If cracks are already present and moisture enters them, it can then freeze and expand, which will lead to even larger cracks. This can cause a serious problem when rainwater begins to beat against the foundation.
  • Snow Melt – Snow isn’t that much of a problem for basements – until it melts. Then, the snow that has accumulated on the ground can quickly become a huge amount of water that your basement will have to stand up to. Some areas of Maryland receive more than 20 inches of snowfall each year along with plenty of blizzards. In other words, this is a very real problem.
  • The Big Thaw – The spring thaw is probably the biggest issue confronting homeowners who haven’t taken the time to properly waterproof their basements. The reason is that the combination of the two points above along with frozen moisture trapped in the earth thawing will lead to significant moisture accumulation throughout the ground. That water can easily find its way into your basement if you’re not protected.

Because of these factors, it’s vital that you protect your home from a leaking basement. We can help. Contact us today to find out more about our waterproofing services and how to protect your home no matter what time of year it is.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on August, 27, 2014