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Your guide to basement moisture control

Basements are often synonymous to Damp and Shady and places, and this attribution they have, is not based on mere imagery. Basements have a tendency of being soaked up and really damp. These places are actually the base of any building and if not properly ventilated or left open, absorb a lot of moisture from the concrete foundation; evaporation causes indoor humidity and gets the basement its infamous attribute! These actually cause the walls to get flaky and rot in due course. The way out?
1. Ensure proper Ventilation:

Remember that an airy and open basement is always away from risks of such dampening. Ensure that all exhaust fans and windows are in proper condition. Getting the evaporated air flow out is the best way to save your basement.

2. Basement Waterproofing companies:

If you wish to get the best way out of these damps, it is always advisable to hire a Basement waterproofing company which will provide a professional take at the issue and get rid of cent per cent.

3. Using a Dehumidifier:

Placing some dehumidifier (depends on the size of the basement) in the corners is a great way of getting rid of basement dampness. They prevent condensation and help in getting the desired results.

4. Open the basement door once a month:

Remember to open the basement door at least once a month and if possible let some sunlight get in. You can also put some oscillating fans to let the basement get airy and free from undesired moisture.

5. Look for mold growth:

Remember that molds growing on the walls is a big NO sign! Get rid of such molds by calling an expert. Molds weaken up the wall structure if allowed to grow undisturbed.

Any humidity in the basement can prove disastrous in the years to come and getting rid of it the best you can do. New properties don’t face such issues at start but be on the lookout for such indications.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on July, 24, 2017