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You Might Be A Good Candidate For Basement Waterproofing If …

You Might Be A Good Candidate For Basement Waterproofing If ...How do you know whether or not you are a good candidate for basement waterproofing?

Here at AA Action Waterproofing, we believe very firmly in the idea that every home should benefit from basement waterproofing. This is true for a number of important reasons:

  • When done well, basement waterproofing really only has to be done once!
  • Basement waterproofing can save you thousands of dollars in repair work.
  • Basement waterproofing is easy to overlook and should be done in advance.

However, it’s definitely true that there are some homes and locations where you should be even more proactive about basement waterproofing. If your situation fits into any of the categories below, then you should certainly take action on waterproofing right away:

  1. You Have An Older Residence

    If you have an older property, then it’s very important to get your basement waterproofed. Over the years, you could be developing problems related to your basement and foundation that you aren’t even aware of, which can make a relatively small problem serious and expensive!

  2. You Use Your Basement As A Hobby Room, Bedroom, Or Office

    If you have more than $100 worth of items that spend most of their time in the basement, then you should protect them by going forward with basement waterproofing. A fully flooded basement isn’t just costly, but also a serious safety hazard that could get you hurt.

  3. Your Property Is Coastal Or Is In An Area With High Rainfall

    If you are already dealing with a lot of rain, then you have a number of flood risks that you may not be aware of yet. Floods are caused not only by direct rainfall and by thawing snow, but also by improper drainage and flow of groundwater beneath and around the property.

While a homeowner is easily able to assess some of the risks on a property, a few of them are harder to notice and should be evaluated by a professional. Not everyone is at extreme flood risk, but those who are get relief and peace of mind when their situation is brought into the open.

You don’t have to commit to full waterproofing right away: Let us give you a customized, free quote concerning the needs of your basement. Use our simple web form to get the information you need fast. If you choose to go forward, we’ll be at your door quickly!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on February, 11, 2015