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Get Your Basement Waterproofed Before It’s Too Late

Amid the hassle of our daily lives, we tend to ignore or postpone important things and end up regretting our decisions. This is especially true in matters relating to the maintenance of our homes, including issues like a leaky basement, foundation, and other structural damages. These tiny problems have the potential to become bigger problems. This is why it is important to contact maintenance experts to fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

AAAction Waterproofing has been serving their community for more than 30 years now. They provide quality Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repairs, Mold Remediation, and related services. Looking for Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore, Maryland? Call us at 888-922-5517 or fill out this form to get a free cost estimate right now!

To prevent costly damage, it is necessary to understand the root cause of wet basements.  Let’s have a look at the reasons why many of us experience Wet Basements.

General Causes of Wet Basements

Moisture in your basement may be caused by several things. Catching it early is your first step towards maintaining a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

The most common causes of wet basements are environmental factors such as rainwater, groundwater, and runoff.
The second cause of damp basements is foundation cracks or cracks in the basement walls. Moisture can easily seep in through the foundation cracks of your house.

There are other factors that contribute to a  wet basement. Basements are generally cold and are prone to  condensation. For instance, if the air outside is warm and humid, it might end up condensing on your basement walls. Dryers, showers, basement stoves, and other appliances can also leave moisture behind.

There are many ways to keep your basement moisture-free. Close any source of ventilation during warm days. Install dehumidifiers in your basement to keep it free from humidity. Small precautions like these can be of major help in long run.

Side-Effects of a Leaky Basement


Structural Damage

The foundation is the most important structural feature of your house. A leaky basement directly affects the foundation of your house. A weaker foundation can create more serious problems that affect the safety of your house.

Harmful Pests

A leaky basement can be a breeding ground for many harmful pests such as bacteria, molds, dust mites, and others, as they thrive best in moisture. These pests can seriously affect your health and can cause many harmful diseases. Molds can affect your respiratory system and dust mites can give you itchy eyes, stuffy noses, and other irritating symptoms.

Financial Side Effects

There are many financial side effects of a leaky basement. A wet basement can ruin your flooring and carpets, and can damage your  furniture. Humidity in your basement can causes rust to develop on metal surfaces. Dampness can make your basement unliveable.

There can be many such side-effects of a leaky basement. One of the most recommended solutions is Basement Waterproofing. AAAction Waterproofing has more than 30 years of experience in Basement Waterproofing. So, if you are from Maryland and need basement waterproofing in Baltimore, call us at 888-922-5517 or fill in this form to get a free estimate right now!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on January, 21, 2019