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Four Reasons Your Waterproofing May Be Failing

Four Reasons Your Waterproofing May Be FailingBasement waterproofing systems can fail and cost homeowners thousands. That is why it is crucial a homeowner hires a certified waterproofing expert to ensure that their waterproofing system does not fail. There are three main ways a waterproofing system can fail, luckily each is preventable with a thorough inspection and the expert advice from a certified AA Action Waterproofing expert.

Your Waterproofing System Is Old

Like all home technologies, basement waterproofing has modern technological advances. Modern sump pumps and drainage systems are more effective than their predecessors. In fact, if your home was built before the turn of the century, your whole home waterproofing system may be completely out of date. Additionally some older sealants may wear with age and reduce your protection. So if you own an older home, you may want to get your waterproofing system inspected by one of our certified experts to see if you need any modern updates and prevent any future damage.

Your Waterproofing Was Not Properly Installed

Often times when homeowner purchases their house, they do not know the home’s full construction and repair history. The previous homeowner may have hired unlicensed contractors to waterproof the basement or may have even waterproofed the basement themselves. If a waterproofing system is installed incorrectly, it can be as ineffective as not having a waterproofing system. It is important to ensure that your waterproofing system was installed by a licensed contractor to ensure it will be effective.

Your Waterproofing May Not Have Been The Right Solution

Waterproofing is not a one size fits all method. Each house is different and presents a unique set of waterproofing challenges. A homeowner or unlicensed contractor may not understand the full range of causes of dampness, water leaks, and flooded in a basement. For example, they may use a concrete sealant when crack injections were needed or perhaps they did not consider the exterior landscaping as a factor. It is important that a certified expert addresses these issues to have them truly resolved.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we can easily recognize the signs of waterproofing failure and can help you install a system that will work to protect your home.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on March, 18, 2016