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Foundation Repair Springdale

The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area is home to some six million souls spread throughout two states and one unique federal district. The region experienced its biggest physical growth spurt in the middle of the 20th century, back when people started moving into the suburbs in large numbers thanks in part to a large upswing in the number of car owners and homeowners. People could suddenly afford the mobility to commute to work, and they started investing in their houses instead of in savings accounts.

If you’re a proud homeowner living in a suburb like Springdale, Mitchellville, or Silver Spring, then you know your house is more than just the place where you hang your hat, it’s also the biggest single investment you’re likely to ever make, an investment you can pass on to your children. As such, you probably also know that it’s important to keep your investment in the best condition possible, which is why it’s important to stay on top of things like foundation repair in Springdale and places like it.

The First Step Is Waterproofing

When you notice that your foundation or your basement walls are in need of repair or other care, you can call in the experts of AA Action Waterproofing for a foundation repair in Springdale and the other Washington suburbs. On the other hand, if the problem isn’t big and you’re confident in your concrete repair skills, you can also work on the problem yourself. However, either way you do it, you first have to make sure your foundation is safe from water.

Every living thing needs water, but concrete needs water like a hole in the head. In fact, if concrete is exposed to too much water at once, it will slowly form and grow cracks and wear away at the lime-based cement that binds the sand and aggregate stones together. That’s one major reason why so much of building design is about keeping water away, and it’s why you need to waterproof your basement or foundation before you can think about repairing any existing damage.

The Second Step Is Repairing

Foundation repair in Springdale and other suburban neighborhoods can be tricky, since foundations can fail in a number of different ways. Aside from the expected cracks and water seepage, a shift in the underlying soil can cause the foundation to settle unevenly, and lateral earth pressure can cause basement walls to bend, buckle, or tilt. Fortunately, there’s a solution to every problem.

• You can seal cracks with the right epoxy, and deep, serious cracks can be cut out of the concrete and patched up with fresh, strong concrete.
• You can redirect water flow to stop any seepage, and professional basement contractors like AA Action Waterproofing can also remediate any mold outbreaks that water in the basement usually causes.
• When the foundation slab settles unevenly, you can use a special grout to replace the soil and level out the slab. You can also add piers, which are metal or concrete posts that prop the foundation up on bedrock or a more stable layer of soil underneath.
• If the basement walls are shifting or cracking, you can brace them with steel beams or carbon fiber strips, or you can anchor them to bedrock or stable soil with steel poles.

The Final Step Is Inspection

Going through one foundation repair in Springdale or anywhere else in the Washington-Baltimore area does not mean that you’re done dealing with your foundation. A solid foundation with a good repair could go for years without causing you any trouble, but something new will come up again, and it’s a good idea to keep track of how your foundation, crawlspace, or basement is doing so that you can solve any problems before they get the chance to get bigger.

For foundation repair in Springdale, Hyattsville, Bowie, Silver Spring, and all the rest of the Washington Metro Area, along with the rest of Maryland and much of its neighboring states, the basement contractor to call is AA Action Waterproofing.

We can solve your problem no matter how big or small it might be, and we have the tools and the expertise it takes to repair foundations, replace foundation slabs, remediate mold, waterproof basements, and more. So contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate, and make sure you do something quickly so your basement troubles won’t get any bigger.