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Foundation Repair Services In New Carrollton, Maryland

Foundation Repair Services In New Carrollton, Maryland

If you are fed up of cracked walls and improperly aligned doors, you need to hire a professional foundation repair service now!

Why are so many houses affected by foundation issues in New Carrollton, MD?

Foundation problems are quite common in New Carrollton, MD because many houses have not been constructed properly. Uneven soil and earth pressure has caused too much pressure on our homes.

Expansion clay, which swells up after absorbing water, is used in approximately 60% of the houses in New Carrollton (according to some sources). This is why foundation problems are so common in Maryland homes.

When there are issues with ground cover and drainage, erosion occurs – causing cracks in foundation.

In summers, trees withdraw moisture from the soil. This leads to expansion and shrinkage which then leads to foundation problems.

Often, new homes purchased in New Carrollton, MD do not undergo proper foundation inspection before sale. Unfortunately, the problems lurking in the foundation of your home can come back to haunt you later.

Fortunately, we can help!

Whether you have bowed walls, house settlements, settling floors, basement wall anchors, chimney tilting, foundation crack repairs, structural engineering services, pier foundations, or house foundation replacement – we can help you with our professional Foundation Repair Services. Just give us a call at 410-789-2600 or fill out our online form on this page.

How Does Foundation Repair Work?

You don’t need to worry about minor cracks – they can be repaired within a couple of hours. Major cracks, however, can cause havoc to your house and affect your day-to-day living.

Few big cracks or too many small cracks are clear warning signs that your foundation problems are serious and you need professional help as soon as possible.

Sometimes, conditions don’t matter. The concrete will move an inch even if your house is built perfectly.

First, a team of professionals from AA Action Waterproofing will visit your premises to brief you on what needs to be done. We encourage our customers to ask as many questions as they like. Once you’re ready to fix your foundation problems, we get into action right away.

The area will be cleaned thoroughly. Loose chips will be located, and taken care off. We use two methods to deal with your foundation related issues: hydraulicjacking and slabjacking. Which method works best? It depends on how serious the issue is.

Smaller slabs of sunken concrete are treated through slabjacking. Cement grout is pumped through small holes in concrete slabs – this solidifies the concrete mass and provides bearing for the slab.

Larger foundation problems (where lifting or stabilization is needed) are treated through piering. Settled beam of grade is lifted through strategically placed mechanical jacks.

There was a time when foundation repair was a painful. People were asked to vacate their houses and move their furniture before the process was started. However, today, you don’t need to worry about your life being affected.

How Do You Know If You Need Foundation Repair?

Here are some of the very common warning signs in New Carrollton MD and surrounding areas:

-Displaced moldings
-Unaligned doors and windows
-Floor cracks
-Small cracks
-Wall rotation
-Cracked bricks
-Sheetrock cracks

Why Hire Us For Foundation Repair New Carrollton MD?

We have been repairing foundations for more than 27 years. Our experience and proven track record has earned us customer loyalty and trust. We get the job done on time, every time.

We won’t give you any surprises. We will quote a fixed price for our foundation repair service (after site inspection) and then give you a schedule with milestones and dates.

We will respond on time, every time. When you call or email us, someone from our professional team of representatives will get back as soon as possible.

All our professional foundation repairers are thoroughly trained and have deep knowledge about the industry. We will also give you a presentation before getting started.

We give great after-purchase service. We will visit your premises (if needed) and give you tips on how to get rid of small foundation problems yourself.

We don’t believe in hidden charges. Our billing system is clear and transparent. Before starting off, we will show you our payment terms and conditions.

How To Hire A Quality Foundation Repair Service

Foundation repair is something you should not do yourself. You need a qualified, trained, and trusted professional. cannot do yourself, so, it is a great idea to get help! Before finalizing a contractor, it is advisable to ask at least three companies to conduct an on-site inspection. Hire a contractor after comparing prices and experience.

-Don’t get too attracted to contractors providing cheap services. Ask yourself: is it too good to be true?

-Beware of contractors who don’t have an ICC-ES certificate (International Code Council Evaluation Services).

-All reputable contractors charge extra for deep hydraulic pilling, they usually charge $20 to $30 per foot. Beware of people who don’t – it may mean they don’t want to do the job completely.

-Hire someone who will give you a warranty!

Water flows through cracks and causes problems in your home structure. The more time you spend thinking about the issue and not taking action – worse the problem gets.

If you’re ready to hire a Foundation Repair service that is professional, customer-driven, and based right here in Maryland with more than 27 years of experience — fill out our online form or simply give us a call at 410-789-2600!

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your situation.