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Foundation Repair Perryville MD

Foundation Repair Service In Perryville, Maryland

Is your house full of cracked walls? Do some of your doors not close properly? Are you floors bulging? If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, you may have foundation problems in your home.

We know how to repair concrete foundations – you don’t need rebuild your house from scratch!

Here is why foundation problems are so common in Perryville:

1. Imperfect Construction

Because of imperfect construction (thanks to inexperienced contractors), foundations have to take in a lot of pressure from uneven soil, earth pressure and the weight of the house. Once the foundation starts to fail, there can be many problems – from simple issues to home devastation. The problem keeps on getting worse – so it is a good idea to get professional help.

2. Lack Of Knowledge

Another reason for foundation problems is a lack of knowledge among people who own houses. We label these as ‘psychological causes of foundation problems.’ The general public in this area feels that if they are purchasing a new house, the foundation will be strong – they don’t ask a professional agency for inspection before making the purchase. This casual attitude has resulted in realtors not taking foundations seriously.

3. Clay Issues

The type of clay present in Perryville MD absorbs a lot of water. As a result, it cans swell up to 100 percent. This much pressure can actually lift houses. Moisture results in soil expansion and may cause differential settlement – that’s why we need ‘foundation underpinning.’

4. Compacted Fill

Many houses have poorly compacted fill material, which also causes foundation problems.

5. Underpinnings

If the underpinnings are not designed properly, they cannot act as barriers to slope failures. This phenomenon is also known as “creep.”

6. Erosion

Erosion usually results from lack of ground cover, poor drainage, and uncontrolled waterflow. It is a major of cause of foundation problems.

7. Transpiration

This process occurs when plants remove moisture from soil. When trees withdraw moisture from soil, it speeds up oil shrinkage in summers. The expansion and shrinkage of soil can lead to foundation problems.

How We Can Help Fix Your Foundation Problems

We’re a local company specializing in foundation repair Perryville MD. We offer a wide range of related services besides just foundation repair – including basement waterproofing and mold remediation.

Here is a quick list of the foundation issues we can fix for you:

-House Settlements
-Bowed Walls
-Floors Settling
-Foundation Wall Cracks
-House Foundation Replacement
-Pier Foundations
-Basement Wall Anchors
-Foundation Crack Repairs
-Chimney Tilting
-Structural Engineering Services

How Do We Fix Your Foundation?

Minor cracks are not a major problem. Major cracks, however, need special attention as they put your home’s structural integrity at risk. If your foundation has many small cracks or it has a few big cracks, you need to get it examined by Aaction Waterproofing.

Even if the conditions are perfect, concrete will move a bit but it might not always result in a crack. Concrete shrinks on cold days while it expands on hot days.

We, first, clean the area which has to be repaired and look for loose chips. Once loose chips have been located, we get rid of them immediately. If the cracks are wider than 1/8 inch, we use a sledgehammer. For bigger cracks, we have specialized machinery to take care of your problem.

People (in the past) have tried various concrete repairing techniques. Some people tried pouring wood, cement, concrete, steel and force it into the ground in a bid to repair foundations – guess what? These techniques didn’t work.

In the past, houses were completely evacuated for foundation repairing – thanks to new technology, your life doesn’t need to be disrupted.

The two best ways to repair foundation problems are hydraulic jacking and slab jacking. Which method do we use? Depends on the kind of problem you are facing! We examine windows, moldings and brick veeners to get an idea about what is causing the distress.

Hydraulic jacking involves driving steel posts through unstable soil and using hydraulic jacks to stabilize slabs which are damaged by underlying soil.

In slab jacking, we pump grout beneath slabs – this produces a lifting force which brings back the original elevation.

Foundation Repair Warning Signs

Expansive soil causes foundation problems. Unfortunately, more than 60 percent of homes in Maryland are built with expansive soil. Cracked walls and doors that won’t close are warning signals that you need to invite a foundation specialist to get your premises checked.

Here are some warning signs that you need to be careful about:

1) Is your wall rotating?
2) Are your bricks cracked?
3) Are there small cracks in your foundation
4) Are your moldings displaced?
5) Are your doors and windows not aligned properly?
6) Are there cracks in sheetrock?
7) Are there cracks on the floor?

Why We’re Your Best Choice For Foundation Repair Services

We’re great listeners. You can describe your foundation problem in detail and our professional representative will listen to you calmly. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you want – we will describe in detail where your money will be spent.

We are very patient. We double check our work and put in many days if needed. We under-promise and over-deliver. Our after repair service is also efficient.

We have a great team of foundation repair staff. Our team will behave professionally in your premises. We are very flexible and only visit when it is convenient for you.

We quote reasonable prices as we believe that customer retention is crucial for our business.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out our online form or call us at 410-789-2600!