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Foundation Repair Lake Shore

The Lake Shore community sits two peninsulas north of Annapolis, splitting the difference between being an outer-ring suburb of both cities. Thanks to its lengthy shoreline, Lake Shore is a great place to live if you enjoy swimming, boating, sailing, fishing, and other activities you can only do in Chesapeake Bay.

Unfortunately, a Lake Side residence also comes with a few drawbacks. The bay’s proximity makes humidity even more constant than it is throughout the rest of Maryland, and living along the shore makes flooding a more significant threat than it is on higher ground, especially when the occasional hurricane or tropical storm drops by. All that water leads to water damage, and that means the residents should remember to keep on top of foundation repair in Lake Shore.

Why Water And Foundations Don’t Mix

Water is everywhere. It covers 70 percent of the globe, you can find it in every living thing, and even most deserts have enough water to sustain life.

Water is also very destructive. Water can carve canyons and channels out of solid rock, it can create new rocks by filling those channels with sediment, and it can completely destroy a house and its foundation during a flood.

Water has a few different ways it can destroy concrete. If it soaks into a crack, it can make that crack bigger thanks to the way it expands and contracts with the weather. It can also wear down the cement that keeps concrete solid, especially if a few catalyst chemicals are present. A flood can even break concrete into chunks and float them away. It’s no wonder, then, that foundation repair in Lake Shore would be an important topic.

How Foundations Fail

Whether your residence has a basement or not, foundation problems can affect the house above it. If the ground shifts under part of the foundation, it can cause the building to warp in strange ways. Wallpaper can fold as the drywall behind it moves. It can become hard to close a door as the frame moves. And, as time goes by, these problems will only become worse. That’s why it’s important to get an early start on these problems.

Water can also damage foundations, but that’s why homes always protect both the inside and the foundation from as much water as possible. It’s the reason why buildings have gutters and waterspouts, why we fill the spaces next to and below a basement or foundation with gravel instead of absorbent clay, and it’s why we apply a layer of water-resistant material to the outside of many basements.

Finally, water and soil shifts can combine to create lateral earth pressure, which pushes sideways against basement walls and can cause them to lean to one side or buckle in the middle. This last issue is particularly common in basements that use concrete block walls instead of one solid piece.

How We Fix Foundations

At AA Action Waterproofing, we can improve basements and foundations in several different ways. In the first place, we can help keep your home’s waterproofing measures up to date so that water damage is as unlikely as possible. We can also improve the waterproofing after water gets into your basement or crawlspace, perform a foundation repair in Lake Shore or any other community that needs us, and perform mold remediations for when water seepage causes an outbreak.

In particular, foundation repairs often involve cutting out the concrete damaged by water and by mold and replacing it with a new concrete patch. However, this only happens after the waterproofing process since an old drip will still ruin new concrete.

We can also help when the foundation slab settles wrong. One solution is to fill in any spaces with a special concrete grout to even out the soil again. Another solution uses piers attached to either a deep layer of soil or the bedrock beneath. We can also help with bowing or leaning walls by bracing them from the inside with steel beams or carbon fiber or by anchoring them to special plates with steel rods, plates we bury ourselves.

If you’d like to know what we can do for your case, or if you need an expert’s opinion on foundation repair in Lake Shore, Jacobsville, Severna Park, or any other community in or around the state of Maryland, then you should contact AA Action Waterproofing. Our first inspection and estimate are free, so there’s no harm in finding out how we can help you out.