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Foundation Repair Gaithersburg

Foundation Repair Gaithersburg

Over the last 40 years, Gaithersburg has transformed itself from a sleepy farming town into one of the most important suburbs of the D.C. region, increasing in population by over 700%. Along with this remarkable growth came a boom in housing developments, built with modern concrete foundations.

Despite the advances in modern construction technologies and techniques, the purpose of a foundation is still to transfer the load of your home to the soil beneath it and it is still has the same vulnerability as all foundations of the past—water.

Why Is Water Bad For My Foundation?

There are two primary reasons why you want to keep water away from your foundation. The first reason is that water around your foundation will eventually find its way into your foundation. Over time, your foundation can develop cracks for a variety of reasons. These are cracks are perfect openings through which the water hanging around your foundation can find its way inside.

Even if your foundation does not have any cracks, concrete is inherently a porous material. If there is enough water around your foundation, it will slowly work its way in through the walls through capillary action and hydrostatic pressure.

Water leaking into your foundation can not only damage furnishings, carpets, and drywall, it also creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold and mildew thrives in moisture and feeds on dead organic matter like wood and drywall.

Do You Need Foundation Repair in Gathersburg?

If you notice leaking in your foundation, it is best to call a service specializing in foundation repair in Gaithersburg to diagnose the problem and implement a cost-effective solution before mold can set in.

If mold has already set in, it is important to call a company specializing in foundation repair in Gaithersburg that can also provide mold remediation services. Mold releases toxins and spores that can be harmful to human health, particularly the respiratory system.

It is not enough to simply remove visible traces of mold from surfaces. Even dead mold particles can continue to cause health problems. A good service that specializes in foundation repair in Gaithersburg will ensure that all organic particles are removed from your home, including places such as behind drywall and air circulation systems.

Shifting Soils

The second and more serious reason water is bad for you foundation is that water can cause your foundation to shift or sink. If left unattended for too long, these problems in your foundation can lead to significant or even catastrophic damage to your home.

Compacted soil underneath the foundation can expand and contract in response to moisture levels. Over many cycles of expansion and contraction, the soil and foundation can begin to shift.

The following signs are common indications of a shifting or sinking foundation:

• Uneven, sloping, or warping floors
• Cracking bricks, cinder blocks, or mortar
• Cracking or bowing walls
• Cracking foundations
• Doors or windows that won’t close or open properly
• Moldings separating from ceilings or floors

If you notice any of these signs in your home, you should call a company specializing in foundation repair in Gaithersburg to diagnose the problems.

There are several methods that such a company can use to repair your foundation and restore it to the proper grade, including processes known as slabjacking and peiring.

Unfortunately, restoring your foundation to grade is pointless if water will continue to cause the soil to shift. A good company specializing in foundation repair in Gaithersburg will also be able to institute water management solutions to permanently keep water away from your foundation.

Installing gutter extensions or regrading the soil on your property to slope away from your home are relatively simple and cost-effective methods of keeping water away from your foundation.

More severe cases may warrant the installation of interior or exterior drainage systems. These systems involve digging trenches and installing drainage pipes along the interior or exterior perimeters of your foundation. The drainage pipes are designed to collect excess water around your foundation and divert it away from the foundation, sometimes with the aide of a mechanical pump.

The downside of these systems is that they can be expensive to install and can involve serious digging and excavation in and around your home. However, the cost of these systems are more than justified when compared to the cost of replacing a foundation. If you have a foundation problem, it is in your best interest to repair the problem as early as possible.