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Foundation Repair Denton

Denton may not be the biggest place in Maryland, but that hasn’t stopped this quiet, ideally located town from becoming the Garden of America. There’s a proud history of agriculture and rural life here, with a tradition of living off the land and the Choptank river that goes back to the 18th century, when Denton was known as Eden Town. The history of the town is still well preserved in many places, like the Museum of Rural Life and the Choptank Hertiage Center.

But despite the fact that Denton enjoys a quiet, peaceful life for the families that live here, residents may still be at risk to a problem that can crop up anywhere in Maryland, or the rest of the America. It’s not something that many people think about, but when it happens, the only real course of action is find an expert in foundation repair in Denton

The Problem At The Bottom

The foundation of a home is not something that many people think about. It’s one of the first things in the home that was built, and despite the fact that no one ever really sees it, it plays a role as an important architectural element of any structure. A foundation’s main role is to act as the base on which the rest of the home sits, holding it up and distributing the weight evenly, so that the residents can take for granted the fact that they live in a shelter that is stable and structurally sound. Because a foundation accomplishes goal by literally just “sitting there,” taking the weight and perhaps distributing it to concrete beams or other loadbearing structures, it’s not at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind in the way windows or wiring can be, which have immediate, noticeable effects on a home when they go wrong.

And this is one of the reasons why a team experienced with foundation repair in Denton can be so important. In many cases, a homeowner isn’t even going to realize that there may be a problem with the foundation. And that’s because the damage is often out of the way and takes a very long time to make itself known.

The Slow Defect

Unlike other forms of damage to a home, a problem with the foundation is easy to miss because of the geological pace at which this damage occurs. This isn’t like a broken window, or a light bulb that shorts out when you turn it on. The damage to a foundation is hard to keep track of because it occurs underground, away from the supervision of the home owner, and it slowly accumulates over a period of years, or even decades, depending on the intensity of the problem.

Usually people won’t even notice until they realize the floor has become uneven, or that cracks have appeared in the walls, of the home, or basement. And if it gets to the point where the steps going up to the home no longer line up with the path or walkway leading to the steps, that means the problem has been going on very a long time and is likely to be quite severe. If the damage is already this visible then a team experienced with foundation repair in Denton is the only real solution.

How A Foundation Is Damaged

A foundation has one function; it just needs to sit on top of the soil in such a way that the house it holds up is evenly distributing weight. The damage to the foundation occurs when this weight is no longer evenly distributed. This damage can start any number of ways. One of the less common causes is poor workmanship when the house is built. If the foundation is not built properly, it’s only a matter of time before the stresses it endures prove to be too much for it.

On the other hand, most of the routine causes of foundation damage have nothing to do with poor build quality. In most cases, the causes are environmental factors the original builders didn’t account for. The erosion or shifting of soil, for example, can cause a stable layer of earth the foundation was sitting on to move away from the foundation, creating gaps where the foundation no longer sits on a surface. This causes those areas to become weakened. In such cases, these areas will tilt in the unsupported areas, which can affect everything from the level of the floors, to cracks in the wall, to doors not closing properly because door frame are now very slightly crooked, and getting more so with each passing year.

Even water can eventually do damage, seeping in through the soil and, because of the porous nature of concrete, eventually leaking through and pooling in your basement. This can mean your basement collects water, and, if it’s a finished basement, the drywall, flooring and other elements can become damaged and will continue to be damaged after your repairs because the water constantly leaks in.

Call The Professionals

This is why a team experienced in foundation repair in Denton is your best bet to solve the problem. Foundation problems are extensive and complex, and there’s no simple, quick fix for them. By calling a team for foundation repair in Denton, you can have experts assess the damage you can see, track down the problem with the foundation, report on the damage you can’t see, and explain what is causing the problem and how to fix it. Once that’s done, they will guide you through the process of reclaiming a solid, stable foundation, so your household can continue to rely on the home they live in.