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Foundation Repair Bowie

Foundation Repair Services For Bowie, Maryland

Bowie gets around 44 inches of rain each year. In addition to our often humid, rainy weather, Bowie also experiences some pretty serious winter freezing. Bowie’s shifting weather conditions and climate variability from season to season can wreak havoc on your home. Water intrusion associated with rainwater runoff or snowmelt has the potential to wreck your home’s foundation and destroy your basement.

Don’t ignore those little growing cracks in your home’s foundation. Don’t simply pull out the Shop-Vac to deal with occasional basement flooding. Those little cracks could turn into a big problem if not addressed quickly enough, and a leaky basement could result in thousands of dollars of additional repairs if the problem is not quickly identified and eliminated. Basement flooding represents a serious danger for your home, and those little cracks can significantly damage your home’s foundation, not to mention the foundation of your personal finances!

AA Action Waterproofing can identify and eliminate the underlying cause of your water intrusion or leaky basement issue with foundation repair Bowie. Water infiltration can damage your home’s foundation over time, leading to serious structural damage. Unchecked basement leaks will only worsen over time. The longer either problem persists, the greater the potential damage to your home.

Address The Cause Of Cracks In Your Foundation

Unchecked water damage can lead to costly repairs. Don’t allow water to seep in through cracks in your home’s foundation. Over time, repair costs associated with water seepage can become prohibitively expensive. Allowing AA Action Waterproofing to install a foundation waterproofing system can mitigate the negative effects of water damage and alleviate the impact on your home’s structure. We can quickly locate the origin of the problem and then find an effective, long-lasting solution to repair any structural damage to your home. Let us help you foundation repair Bowie.

Serious structural issues can result if foundation problems are not adequately addressed. Your foundation could bow, crack, or fail entirely. Those little cracks in your home’s foundation are a symptom of potentially damaging water intrusion. Stop foundation problems before they do irreparable damage with foundation repair Bowie services from AA Action Waterproofing. With over 27 years in the business, we can eliminate your foundation problems.

Water Damage Can Wreck Your Home’s Foundation

Water can wear away even the toughest stone, and your home’s foundation is no exception. Standing water beneath your home can disrupt or dislocate your home’s foundation slab over time. Standing water can actually dissolve stone. Your concrete foundation slab is no match for standing water over time! When there is inadequate drainage away from the home, this standing water won’t stay outside for long. With no drainage outlet, that water could very easily end up in your basement! Heavy precipitation or snowmelt will only exacerbate the problem.

Does your basement flood after a heavy rainfall or snow melt? Is there ground water along your home’s perimeter forcing its way into your basement? Is there water accumulating on the inside of your basement walls? Do you have water trickling along the foundation walls and running into your basement? These are all warning signs of a leaky basement. Given Maryland’s variable weather, your basement can leak in any season. AA Action Waterproofing can help with foundation repair Bowie.

Is Expansive Soil The Culprit?

Is your home built on clay-rich expansive soil? If so, your foundation or leaky basement issues could be even worse. In wet weather, expansive soil absorbs water like a sponge. This leads to an increase in soil volume. The more water absorbed, the greater the increase. Any change in soil volume due to water absorption can cause significant structural damage to your home as the soil swells around your home’s foundation. This swelling can cause cracks in the foundation, floors, and even basement walls.

As this expansive soil dries out, it shrinks. This shrinking soil removes necessary support from your home’s foundation, which can cause further structural damage. As the soil dries out, it can cause fissures to form deep beneath the surface of your home. These fissures allow water from runoff to penetrate more deeply. Runoff can occur in wet weather or as a byproduct of melting snow in Spring. This repetitive cycle of shrinking and swelling places considerable stress on your home’s foundation.

Winter freezing can also cause soil expansion of up to 9%. The resulting pressure increase from freezing can cause cracks in the foundation. The colder the winter, the greater the potential for damage. If your home was build on soil with a high clay content, then you could experience foundation damage related to soil expansion. Issues related to soil type can be particularly problematic during rainy periods or freezing weather.

Take Action With AA Action Waterproofing

Whether your problem is the result of standing water, seepage, expansive clay-rich soil, or a combination of these factors, AA Action Waterproofing foundation repair Bowie can help you resolve your foundation issues before it’s too late. Don’t risk your property investment to an unprotected foundation. Don’t let winter freezing or frequent rainfall undermine your home’s foundation.

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