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Failed Foundation: A Few Common Causes And Signs

Finding a crack in the foundation of your home can be one of the most unpleasant things for many homeowners.If you have recently noticed a foundation crack, you must be thinking whether your home has a foundation problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Foundation cracks may be insightful and bad, but not all cracks create a structural issue.

Foundation problems can be caused by both nature and the homeowners. No matter whether you have purchased a new home or you have survived in the same home for many years, it’s great to know about the signs and causes of a failed foundation. Knowing the warning signs and getting the foundation repair by an expert contractor can save you a lot of money.

A few Causes of foundation problems:

The most common causes of foundation problems are caused by soil erosion, soil type, soil compaction and transpiration.

1. Soil Type: The most common kind of expansive clay absorb the moisture from the soil, thus producing swelling in the soil. Due to which a movement is caused in the ground, known as settlement.

2. Compacted soil: Poorly compacted soil, fails to support the weight of your foundation and this creates foundation problems.

3. Soil Erosion: Soil erosion is the result of leaky pipes, poor drainage, or uncontrolled flow of water. These factors can erode the soil around the structure, creating the settlement.

4. Transpiration: Soil dehydrated from roots of the plants beneath the home. The soil beneath the home shrinks because of the lost moisture and this shrinkage causes settlement.

Common Signs of foundation problems:
With time, all these issues can lead to foundation cracks. If you have suspected that your home has the foundation problem, then you should look for other signs both, in and around your home. Some of the common signs are as follows:

Exterior cracks
Tiny, fine cracks on the steps or exterior walls are nothing to worry about. Exterior cracks are usually large in size and have a different pattern, that indicates that there is something very wrong with the foundation. You should regularly check for the brick cracks.

Bugs in the basement
Bugs such as silverfish, roaches, pill bugs, centipedes, carpenter ants are attracted to the wet basement and sometimes are drawn inside the cracks in the foundation.

Crooked doors
When a foundation shifts, cracks or settles, issues such as crooked doors develop in the home. Crooked doors also occur because of the moisture in the crawl space or in the basement.

Sagging and uneven floors
Sagging or warped flooring can also be related directly to the foundation issues. Humidity from water seepage, shifting soil, and inadequate foundation waterproofing contributes to these issues.

Bowed and cracked walls
Bowing and cracks in the walls can be repaired. Hydrostatic pressure, soil movement and poor drainage are the three main causes of this issue.

If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned signs, get in touch with AA Action Waterproofing right away. Our experts will inspect your foundation and determine the best foundation repair solution for you.

This entry was posted in Blog on April, 13, 2018