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Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions For Commercial And Residential Properties in MD , VA ,DE ,DC,PAhome-drainage-problems

Poor drainage is a problem that can negatively impact the beauty, functionality, safety, and value of your commercial or residential property. Whenever you discover that your property is affected by this, you must take immediate action to correct the problem. If you don’t, the damage that could result will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Unfortunately, many property owners tend to procrastinate on drainage issue and then wind up paying the price for their negligence.

It is important to remember that water naturally takes a path of the least amount of resistance and continues flowing until it reaches the lowest elevation. Problems typically arise when that path becomes blocked or was inadequate to begin with. Proper drainage solutions to correct these issues include having adequate drains and a sloping terrain so that water is diverted to an area where it cannot cause any damage. Otherwise, that water will find a path to those areas that you wouldn’t want it accumulating.

Typical Problem Areas

The most common areas that are negatively impacted by poor drainage are basements, foundations, and underneath driveways, pavement, and sidewalks. Cracked foundations and flooded basements are no picnic as both threaten the structural integrity of the house or building. These are both issues that require immediate attention. However, if proper drainage solutions had been installed originally, the person having to deal with these issues could have saved a great deal of money over the long haul.

Best Drainage Solutions For Home And Office

Once you discover (or suspect) that you have a drainage problem, the best course of action is to contact a professional service that offers sound drainage solutions for home and office. Their expertise and skill is usually required as the average DIY’er may not be equipped to do what the professional has been educated and trained to do. They will be able to identify any current or potential drainage problem areas and recommend the proper solution for these issues so that you won’t have to worry about paying for expensive repairs later on.

The drainage solutions that they will propose will usually depend on your circumstances so you will need to know where the source of the problem is located and be provided with an estimate of the cost to correct it. Your budget as well as the potential costs to repair any damage will also be taken into consideration so the professional can propose the most affordable and effective solution possible. There are different options available for enabling proper drainage including the ones listed below.

  • Contours, drainage culverts, and swells – all three of these provide proper drainage for home and office alike. They are all capable of diverting water away from your home or office as well as the property the structure was built on.
  • French drains – also known as “blind drains”, these are best suited for basement drainage problems whenever there are dampness and water issues that need to be corrected.
  • Sump pumps – these devices are used to correct basement and foundation drainage issues for commercial and residential structures alike. It is a common drainage solution that professionals install to protect the structural integrity of homes and offices.
  • Surface drains – these are simple yet affordable options that address a number of different drainage problems.


In closing, the drainage solutions listed above provide help to prevent potential water damage and are classified as long-term solutions. Professionals who are skilled at providing these solutions may be able to resolve problems arising from damage to flooring as well as resolving problems that result from poor property drainage. Remember, your home or office is an investment and you need to do whatever it takes to protect it.