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Crawl Space Waterproofing Mistakes You Should Avoid

When was the last time you went down and inspected the crawl space of your home?

Can’t recollect, right?

 While it is relatively common for people to procrastinate having to deal with the mess they might have accumulated over the years and decades in their basement that would have affected their crawl space, this should not be the case. 

Overlooking the condition of the crawl space can be detrimental to your physical and financial health in the long run. 

Allow us to explain how:

  • Water pooling around the foundation, draining in the basement or leaking through the home can lead to prolonged dampness. This will give way to the growth of mold and bacteria. These can then spread into the air and reach the indoor of the home, resulting in allergic reactions and diseases. 
  • Humidity in the crawl space will speed up the deterioration of the foundation, risking the structural integrity of the home. An excessively humid crawl space also adds to the utility bills.
  • When moisture is not taken care of at the right time, it soon attracts pests and rodents, which makes it their home. Mice, rats, spiders and snakes soon find their way in this damp and dark place, infecting it with their droppings. The chemicals released from the droppings then affect the air quality of the home. 
  • · Have you ever heard of the chemical gas, “radon”? No? It is a tasteless, colorless, odorless noble gas that is formed from the decomposition of the soil and bedrock. Radioactive in nature, exposure to this gas significantly increases the probability of lung cancers in smokers and non-smokers alike. Not all houses are radon-resistant, and the gas can quickly enter the house through air ducts, thereby contaminating the air quality. 
  • Similar to the ducts in the HVAC system and other types of equipment such as vents in the lavatories and kitchen openly invite the pollution from outside into the inside, which comfortably settled in the crawl space. They result in respiratory issues and further aggravate the allergies. 

If you notice cobwebs, droppings and moisture in the crawl space, immediately reach out to the crawl space waterproofing service in Baltimore. 

But if you would rather try first to get rid of the problem by yourself, then make sure you don’t make the following mistakes:


If the first thing to strike your mind is insulating the crawl space, then you are right. Just remember spray foam for crawl spaces will do more harm than good. The spray foam will quickly trap water and moisture, which will be stuck between the area and the spray foam, further strengthening the growth of mold and bacteria. 


Similar to spray foam, installing vapor barriers for insulation will trap the moisture and water in the area which won’t be bothersom in the winters. But the increasingly high temperatures in the summers will lead to condensation which will rot wood and soon become a breeding ground for the molds. 


While vents are essential in the home to ensure proper cross-circulation, installing them in the crawl space with the intent to dry out humidity would be a big problem. The increased air movement across space might aid in getting rid of moisture and stagnant air but the same vent will also bring in warm and moist air with the area being close to the ground. This will further aggravate the humidity problem. 

But why take a risk with DIY when the professional help is just one call away?

DIY’s should be better left to arts, craft and fashion projects. When it comes to home improvement issues, you must only trust a professional Crawl Space Waterproofing Service in Baltimore. 

We at an A AAction waterproofing pre-offer licensed, insured, and bonded, excellent quality crawl space waterproofing services at the most competitive market price. Our team of trained and experienced waterproofing professionals will guarantee your crawl space problem is solved for good. 

Don’t ignore the health of the crawl space in your home!

Get a free estimate with A AAction Waterproofing, today!

This entry was posted in Waterproofing on October, 14, 2019