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Common Crawl Space Problems

Crawl spaces are the most overlooked area of the home. Since crawl spaces offer no living space and in most cases, no storage, we can often forget they are an important part of our home. Crawl spaces are important for the structural integrity of the home. They are also very important to the health and wellbeing of you and your family. So they should not be ignored. Here are the most common crawl space problems and what you can do about them.

Structural Damage:

Structural damage can be caused by a range of factors from termites to excess moisture. Structural damage can cause sagging beams and floor joists and if left untreated, can cause the entire home to lose structural integrity. If there is structural damage to your crawl space, you will need to hire an expert to determine the cause of the loss of structural integrity. Then you will need to have the damage repaired which could mean replacing the entire floor framing system. However, if you have your crawl space waterproofed and sealed, it is unlikely structural damage will occur.


Mold can accumulate in a crawl space if there is excess moisture. Mold is a health hazard to your family and can trigger allergies, asthma, and even infections. If there is mold in your crawl space, you will need to hire an expert to find the source of the moisture, waterproof the area, and remediate the mold. However, mold is preventable, if you have your crawl space waterproofed and sealed.


Pests can enter your crawl space and ultimately your home when the environmental conditions are right. Pests need the temperature to be warm, they need a source of food, and they need moisture. If there are pests in your crawl space you will not only need to hire an exterminator, but you will need to hire a professional to have your crawl space sealed and waterproofed. If pests are left to thrive in your crawl space, there is nothing keeping them from entering your home. Fortunately, pests are also preventable with having your crawl space water proofed and sealed.

As you can see the common crawl space problems all come from having excess moisture in your crawl space. So if you want to prevent these problems and many more, you need to have your crawl space waterproofed. At AA Action Waterproofing we offer a wide variety of options to waterproof your crawl space including vapor barriers, encapsulation, and installing sump pumps. So if you are looking to keep your house in great shape, don’t forget to waterproof your crawl space.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on September, 19, 2016