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Before Purchasing Any Home, Be Sure To Check For Mold

Before Purchasing Any Home, Be Sure To Check For MoldMold!

The very word conjures up the image of spoiled food or even worse. However, here in Maryland, even the cleanest outdoor air is not completely without mold. Unfortunately, some businesses and even residential structures may have mold without even realizing it.

When you are purchasing a home, there are many things you should check for in order to make certain that a “problem property” isn’t being unloaded on you. One of the things that people don’t often think about, however, is mold.

How can you check for mold if you only have a short time to inspect a property?

  • Look for signs of water damage, which might presage a mold problem that isn’t solved.
  • Be aware of any musty odors or the feeling that the air in a part of the house isn’t fresh.
  • Be suspicious of older HVAC systems that may be harboring a secret case of mold.

Some loan programs, both private and public, require a mold check as part of the process of buying a property. However, this is not usually the case.

When all is said and done, you usually have to check things out yourself. And it can be worth it! Although the buyer will usually have to foot the cost of a mold check, the seller can often be persuaded to pay for mold remediation if it’s a sticking point in the sale of the house.

You should definitely have a home inspected if you see any of the signs that might suggest there has been a mold problem in the past, but also do so if you can’t quite figure out why a home has been on the market so long.

It’s a truism that when something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

AA Action Waterproofing Is Your Trusted Source For The Best In Mold Remediation

As confident and competent professionals, AA Action Waterproofing can meet your timeline and work with your schedule to make sure that your property has been fully inspected for mold.

As with everything we do, we begin with an ironclad estimate and will stand by the costs and the expected timeframe that we offer you. Thanks to almost 30 years of experience, there is simply no one better in Maryland to meet your high standards.

To learn more, call or email us. Don’t have time? Simply fill out our estimate request form and we will contact you.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on April, 08, 2015