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Why Basements Leak During Winter Months

Why Basements Leak During Winter MonthsWhen we think of winter, we often think of dry, chilly months. The air is especially devoid of moisture and, in Maryland in particular, we experience quite a bit of snow. The last thing on your mind might be on water seepage and leaks in your basement.

While we often think that waterproofing is primarily for the summer rainstorms, it’s equally helpful, if not more so, in the wintertime. Especially in Maryland, we experience intense winter weather that includes heavy snowfalls and ground freezes. This can truly wreak havoc on your basement, and if it is not properly waterproofed, then you can face some serious problems.

Snow Melts

The snow sure is beautiful when it starts to fall, but after a few days it all starts to melt. Depending on the temperatures, this could happen quite quickly, meaning you suddenly have an incredibly saturated yard full of melting snow and a roof with water constantly dripping off of it. If you have any structural cracks, this means water will easily seep in and get into your home. Additionally, water in cracks during winter months can freeze, furthering the damage and widening the structural damage, allowing even more water to enter your home in the future. You can help this problem by keeping snow away from the base of your home.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a relatively known issue, but they still come as a nasty surprise. Even the smallest crack in a pipe can leak gallons of water per day, and you’d better hope it doesn’t end up in your own basement, leading to flooding, damage to your home, belongings, and mold problems. If you’re worried about this issue, wrap pipes in heat cables and check the insulation in your home. It’s an easy preventative measure that will save you a lot of trouble later on.

Clogged Gutters

Let’s say you haven’t given much consideration to your gutters lately. They’re clogged up with leaves from the fall that are less mobile because of the colder weather, meaning water can accumulate in the pipes and build up. It doesn’t really have anywhere to go, so it simply drips down the side of your home, down by where the structure meets the ground. Without proper waterproofing, you’re simply inviting this extra water into your home to cause extreme damage.

If you’re worried about leaking in your basement, contact AA Action Waterproofing at 877-344-9654. We can give you a free quote for your basement waterproofing needs.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on May, 07, 2016