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Basement Waterproofing Springfield

There are a lot of Springfields in the United States. From Maine to Florida, from Virginia to California, just about every state in the Union boasts its own Springfield. It’s an easy name to come by, after all: a spring is a great water source, and an empty field is a great place to build a town.

Virginia’s Springfield happens to be part of the extensive Washington, D.C. Metro Area and sits southwest of the District itself. Like most of Washington’s suburbs, Springfield has a long history of being a rural stop along a railroad line, but then its population exploded during the suburban housing boom that followed World War II. As such, while a few historical sites date back a century or more, most of the buildings are less than 70 years old. However, that’s still old enough that residents should apply some preventative basement waterproofing in Springfield, Virginia.

You Can’t Underestimate Water

Water seems so harmless when it comes into your house through the pipes, or when you hear it rattling against your roof during a storm. But the only reason water can seem so harmless is because of how much engineering has gone into making your home as waterproof as possible.

The modern American home is the culmination of millennia of effort spent on keeping rain outside and safely transporting water inside. You have to use metal, ceramics, and plastic to contain water because anything less will slowly dissolve away. You have to keep rain out of your attic with waterproof shingles or tiles, and even then they’ll slowly wear down until you have to replace them a few decades later.

For basement waterproofing in Springfield (any of them, really), you need a gravel backfill that lets rainwater pass through, a slight slope to the landscape that keeps water from pooling against the sides of the house, and a drain system that prevents water from sticking around to soak into the foundation slab.

But You Can Hire A Waterproofing Company

No matter where you live, you can find experts in basements, foundations, and the waterproofing methods that keep them safe. For basement waterproofing in Springfield, Virginia, the experts you should call work for AA Action Waterproofing. And while we offer consultations for new construction work, we can also help existing buildings. Here are a few of the situations where we can help:

1. Older buildings abided by older building codes. We can bring their waterproofing methods up to date, letting you save on repairs in the long run.
2. We can fix waterproofing methods that aren’t working for whatever reason. After all, roof gutters can clog, and the soil can settle and create places for water to pool.
3. If water and mold are getting into your basement and you don’t know how, we can trace them back to the source.
4. If water is seeping in thanks to a high water table, we can install waterproofing methods to fix the problem

Here’s What We Do

When you have water getting into your basement, we can get rid of it. Overall, there are three ways water normally gets into a house, and you’ll need different solutions for each one.

• Condensation. The humidity of a Virginia summer can be legendary, even up at the northern end. If this humidity manages to get trapped in a basement, it can lead to condensation on cool surfaces like pipes and other metal objects. Humidity can even get trapped in insulation. If this is the case, you can solve it with a basic dehumidifier or some insulation on the pipes.
• Seepage. If water is getting in from underneath and passive drainage isn’t working, we can install a sump pump that actively moves water away from your basement.
• Rain Runoff. There are several ways to keep rain and snowmelt away from basement walls and foundations. We can help you figure out which ones aren’t working and how to fix them.

Basement waterproofing in Springfield or anywhere else doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either. In fact, by acting now to prevent leaks and cracks, you could save yourself a lot of money in the long term. And if you live in or near the state of Maryland, you can definitely save money with AA Action Waterproofing. Our first estimate is always free and carries no obligation on your part, so you won’t have to pay a penny to find out how we can help.