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Basement Waterproofing Rosemont

You may be wondering when is the best time of year for waterproofing the basement of your Rosemont home. Should you take care of it in the spring to prepare for humid Maryland summers that often bring thunderstorms? Or is it better to waterproof your basement in the fall, before ground freezes and snow melts occur? When, exactly, is the right time to take on this task?

The truth is, waterproofing at anytime is better than waiting until the “right time,” as removing mold, mildew, and pests, as well as fixing structural damage, is best handled through preventative measures. It is much easier to invest beforehand and never have to deal with mold spores or rodents than to try and remove them. While Rosemont is a quaint, small town where you feel safe and everyone knows everyone, you are actually dealing with a significant danger by not waterproofing your basement as soon as possible.

Yes, waterproofing your basement can be costly, but we always encourage our clients to think about the long-term instead of just the short-term. Simply research the price for repairing a few parts of your home’s foundation, and you’ll quickly learn that preventative measures will end up being less in the long run. Not only that, but you’ll greatly improve your home’s structural integrity, improve the market price of your home, and also keep your expensive valuables safe and dry. The fact that waterproofing your basement will also protect the health of you and your family is the cherry on top.

Now you might be thinking that severe flooding is the only thing you’ll be preventing against by waterproofing your home in Rosemont. Yes, while the area does experience flash flooding from time to time, there are other culprits that can cause water to enter your basement.

A Damaged Roof And Clogged Rain Gutters And Downspouts

Believe it or not, your roofing and gutter system play a key role in keeping your basement dry. Essentially, they work together to push water as far away from the home as possible, so when they’re not in tip top shape that means water can be sneaking its way into your home’s foundation and basement. Aside from waterproofing your basement in Rosemont, you can strive to keep the rest of the structure clean and maintained, thus improving the overall quality of your home.

Luckily, with regular maintenance you can keep these systems working properly. If you happen to spot damage to your roof, call in a professional to fix it quickly, preventing the issue from snowballing into something much more severe. Additionally, work to keep your gutters clean. When they get clogged, water can then pour out and over, landing much closer to the base of your home. Any small foundational cracks will then allow water in, and then you could eventually be faced with mold, mildew, unwanted pests, or intense structural damage.

Broken Pipes Or Leaking Sewer Lines

Obviously, if you have a water pipe leak or burst (or worse yet, your sewer line), you’ll be faced with handling the excess moisture. The best way to prevent pipes from bursting is to insulate them. Cold and freezing temperatures in the winter can ruin pipes, allowing water to enter your home from the inside.

If you’re hoping to protect your sewer line, make sure you dispose of waste properly. Grease or cooking oil and heavy paper products should never go down the drain but the trash instead. Additionally, be extra aware of where you plant trees and bushes. Roots from plants will seek out moisture by making their way to sewer joints, and as the plant grows, so do the roots and the hold they have on the pipes.

Excess Water And Humidity

This is the hard part, and also why waterproofing a basement is imperative. While clogged gutters and broken pipes are pretty easy to notice, a bit of stray water that makes its way into your basement or home’s foundation is not. In Rosemont, Maryland, you deal with a significant amount of humidity throughout most of the year, and waterproofing your basement can prevent this from becoming a much bigger problem. A dehumidifier can certainly help with a damp basement, but oftentimes it is insufficient to completely remove all the water, in which case you will want to turn to a professional.

We here at AA Action Waterproofing are your reliable Basement Waterproofing experts. We are ready to serve you and your family. Just pick up the phone and call us at 410-305-9323 to inquire about your free estimate before you commit to the project.