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Basement Waterproofing Potomac MD

Basement Flooding in Potomac, Maryland

Few people like a damp, dingy basement, and no one likes a bottom floor covered in six inches of water. Whether your basement woes are caused by a crack in your foundation, pooling of water outside your home, or leaks that are difficult to find, our Potomac MD basement waterproofing service has what it takes to help.

What Does That Mean for You?

It means you wonít have to worry about pouring money, stress, and inconvenience into a service that doesnít give you results. Instead, youíll be rewarded with a tight, dry basement on time and under budget. Weíve been helping your Potomac neighbors keep their homes dry and safe for years: weíd love to show you what we can do.

Leaky Basements Are Stressful

Thereís no worse feeling than waking up after a rainy night to find that your basement has turned into a swimming pool. Letís face it: Potomac isnít the Sahara. We get lots of precipitation throughout the year, giving our basements quite a beating. If your basement isnít tight, that moisture can find its way into your home.

Think about what a flooded basement would mean for you. Do you use your basement as additional storage? Your exercise equipment, golf clubs, books, or family heirlooms could suffer significant damage if a storm led to a basement flood.

An empty basement isnít much safer. Your homeís structure depends on the stability of its foundation. If water is making its way in, structural damage is not far behind. If your foundation isnít secure your homeís value will plummet and you may find yourself and your family in a dangerous environment.

We Can Ease Your Mind

Do-it-yourself waterproofing jobs do little to ease your mind. What if you miss a spot? What if you apply the wrong sealant? What if you donít know where all the leaks are? Thatís where we come in.

Weíve lived and worked right alongside you in Potomac. We have first-hand experiences with the homes built in our area. That gives us insight into all those little areas where things can go wrong. Not sure where all that water is coming from? We do, because weíve been there.

Youíve heard horror stories about bad contractors before: jobs lingering on for weeks past deadlines, bloated budgets, shoddy workmanship. We want you to feel confident that you can rely on us to get the job done right. Thatís why weíll take as much time as it needs to understand your specific situation. Once we learn more about your needs, weíll give you a reasonable quote. If you like what you see, great! Weíll get started quickly and get the job done promptly and under budget.

Basement Waterproofing Potomac MD Can Keep Your Family (And Your Budget) Safe

If your basement is leaking, chances are good mold is sure to follow. Take a sniff. If youíve been noticing an unpleasant odor, it may be due to mold. This prolific organism not only fills your house with bad smells, it can also impact your familyís health. Mold is a beast to remove, so a preemptive waterproofing strike can save you loads of hassle and expense.

Speaking of expense, how were your heating bills last winter? If youíre like most of us here in Maryland, you found yourself paying more than youíd like. Winters are cold around here. If your basement is leaky, some of the heat that should be keeping you warm is escaping outside. This forces your heater to work harder, putting a drain on your wallet.

How Can I Know If My Basement Is Leaky?

A leaky basement can be obvious. If you find yourself dealing with standing water every time the snow melts, you probably know itís high time you got in touch with our waterproofing service. However, other signals arenít so easy to spot.

If you have concrete or masonry on your walls, take a closer look. Do you see water seeping in? Is there a ring of dampness around the base? What about a white powdery substance on the stone itself? This powder is called efflorescence and can be a strong sign that water is seeping in.

You donít need a flood to destroy a basement: even a small leak can cause noticeable damage. Water can cause wood to rot, putting your joists, headers, and columns at risk. If you have a carpet, you may notice it starting to deteriorate. Water may cause staining on wall coverings, or they may begin to blister.

We Can Help!

If you find yourself with any of these signs of water leakage, we encourage you to give us a call. Not only can we save you money by preventing further damage, we can also give you something priceless: peace of mind. There are few things that eat away at you like knowing your home is not as safe as youíd like it to be. Weíll remove a major threat to your homeís stability and your familyís safety, allowing you to relax again.

We care about the people of Potomac and have seen first-hand the things our climate can do to a basement. Leakage or flooding is not something that you should learn to live with. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to keep your home dry, warm, and safe.

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