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Basement Waterproofing Orchard Beach

Riviera Beach and its neighbors, Stoney Beach, Greenland Beach, and Orchard Beach, are some of the nicest places to live in the Baltimore area. The beaches sit several miles away from the main highways that lead into the city center and they extend out into Patapsco River. The beaches are admittedly downriver of Baltimore, so pleasure cruises have to contend with commercial ships heading to the city’s active port, but there are also a few quiet tributaries nearby and the wide Chesapeake Bay isn’t far away.

Unfortunately, living along the shore comes with a few drawbacks to go with the benefits. For one thing, it’s hard to keep a basement dry when you aren’t very far above the waterline. This problem can become even worse when the occasional tropical storm or hurricane makes its way north along the coast and causes flooding. That’s why it’s important to maintain your basement waterproofing in Orchard Beach and the rest of the Riviera Beach communities.

Prevention Always Helps

There are all kinds of things that become easier and cheaper when you work on prevention instead of fixing problems after they arise. Toothpaste is cheaper than cavity fillings and root canals, replacing your car’s battery is cheaper than getting it towed from a random parking lot, and working on basement waterproofing in Orchard Beach and its neighbors is cheaper than repairing or even replacing a rotten foundation.

There are plenty of things you can do to keep your basement clean and dry. You can inspect your HVAC system and your water heater on a regular basis to make sure they’re working right and not leaking anywhere. You can place a dehumidifier downstairs to keep the air dry. Finally, you can clean your basement regularly, even if you don’t use it often, so that cobwebs and mold colonies don’t have the chance to build up.

Water Can Find A Way

It’s important to tackle all of these problems and more because water has several ways to get into your home and your foundation.

• Condensation. Whether or not the humidity is a problem with living on the coast is debatable, but the fact that it’s a problem for basements is certain. When humid air gets trapped in a cool basement, it tends to condense on any cool surface, including otherwise watertight pipes. Condensation might not be a major problem in itself, but it allows mold and pest insects to grow and thrive where they shouldn’t.
• Groundwater Seepage. If the underground water table is anywhere near your home’s foundation slab, that could mean a lot of trouble. Not only can it make the floor damp, the water can also dissolve the concrete cement and shorten the slab’s lifespan.
• Rainwater and Snow Runoff. The water that falls from the sky and collects on the surface is just as dangerous as the water that’s already underground. That’s why homes come equipped with waterproof rooftops and rain gutter systems that prevent rain from dripping straight down against the sides of the house.

Why Call Us?

When you need someone to help you with basement waterproofing in Orchard Beach or any other Baltimore suburb, you should contact AA Action Waterproofing. We’ve been serving Maryland and the surrounding states for three decades now with prevention and repair jobs, and we’ve never come across a basement, foundation, or crawlspace that was too far gone to help.

When it comes to basement waterproofing, we have plenty of tricks to make things better. If your landscaping is allowing puddles to form against the sides of your home, we can pack in some extra soil so that rain will run away from your home instead. If pipes are leaking, we can repair or replace them. If it’s only condensation, we can bring in a dehumidifier and strap insulation to the problematic pipes. If water is getting in from below, we can install a sump pump that can actively lower the water table immediately around your home.

So for crawlspace encapsulation in Stoney Beach, foundation repair in Riviera Beach, or basement waterproofing in Orchard Beach, your best bet is to contact our company right away. After all, if you have a problem with a leak or a potential leak in your basement, things will only get worse if you ignore it. On top of that, at AA Action Waterproofing your first estimate comes with no obligation and no fee, which means it costs you nothing to ask.