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Basement Waterproofing Glen Echo

Basement Waterproofing Glen EchoOnce the humble home to American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, Glen Echo, Maryland is now one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the entire Washington, D.C. region. Situated along the Potomac River in between MacArthur Boulevard and the Clara Barton Parkway, Glen Echo’s ideal combination of proximity to Washington D.C. and small community feel can’t be beat.

Unsurprisingly, Glen Echo’s beautiful homes, both historic and modern, are some of the most expensive that the Washington, D.C. area has to offer. But all homes with basements, regardless of value, are susceptible to leaking, especially in Glen Echo, which sees an average 43 inches of precipitation every year, and is directly adjacent to the Potomac River, which is prone to flooding.

Basement waterproofing in Glen Echo is the best way to protect your home from water damage. Homes that have undergone basement waterproofing in Glen Echo will save their owners from headaches and costly repairs associated with leaking basements in the long run.

Why Do I Need Basement Waterproofing In Glen Echo?

Glen Echo’s proximity to the Potomac River makes it particularly susceptible to water damage. Glen Echo sees over 43 inches of precipitation a year, but much of that falls in large unpredictable bouts in winter blizzards and summer thunderstorms. The sudden influx of water can not only cause leaky basements by itself, but it makes the Potomac River prone to flooding, which can exacerbate the problem.

If you use your basement as a living space, leaking water will cause damage to furniture, carpets, rugs, and electronics in your basement. Even if you don’t, water can destroy cardboard boxes and their contents that you may storing in your basement.

Even worse, water can cause structural damage to your basement. Water will not only ruin paint and wallpaper, it can cause drywall and wooden supports to fail in extreme cases. If you basement is made of bricks, stones, or cinder blocks, water can also cause the grout or mortar holding them together to chip and crack.

If the excess moisture in your basement is left unattended for long enough, the cool, dark environment, combined with the water will result in the growth of mold in your basement. Among other problems, the spore and toxins released by molds can create health problems for you and your family. They will severely aggravate the symptoms of those with allergies to mold, and they will also aggravate or cause respiratory problems.

Causes Of Leaky Basements In Glen Echo

The most likely causes of a leaky basement in Glen Echo are runoff and subsurface water. In either case, the problem stems from the fact that there is too much water around your foundation that is not draining away as it should. When the water doesn’t drain away, it eventually finds its way into your basement through cracks and gaps in the foundation or through the foundation itself via capillary action.

Basement waterproofing in Glen Echo can involve a variety of techniques. The first step in any job should be to find and patch any cracks in your foundation, which are the easiest points of entry for water into your basement. In simple cases, cleaning the gutters and installing gutter extensions may suffice to keep excess water away from the foundation.

Other, more drastic cases may require regrading the soil around the property or installing a system of drainage pipes underground that completely divert excess water away from your foundation.

Regardless of the solution that’s right for your property, AA Action provides top-quality mold remediation and basement waterproofing in Glen Echo.

About AA Action Waterproofing

AA Action Waterproofing is a family owned and operated business serving the mid-Atlantic area including Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We have been protecting homes in the mid-Atlantic for over 28 years, and we have never encountered a basement or foundation problem we couldn’t handle.

We take the utmost pride in our work. Unlike some other companies that provide basement waterproofing in Glen Echo we don’t use any subcontractors to ensure that only the best quality workmanship and materials are used on our projects. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and our work comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you need basement waterproofing in Glen Echo, call AA Action Waterproofing for a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate today.